How to Practice Soul Care – The New Self-Care Practice You Need to Try

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You know what self-care is but do you practice soul care?

Masks, massages, and manicures all have some thing in typical in addition to beginning with the letter M. They are all types of self-care.

Painting your nails, covering your face in a charcoal scrub, or receiving a rub down are more superficial (albeit nevertheless amazing) types of caring for oneself. However, there are distinct techniques to take your self-care practice from surface level to skin deep.

Let’s discover how these forms of self-care activities can turn into a spiritual kind of soul care.

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What’s the Difference Between Self-Care and Soul Care?

Self-care implies taking measures to guarantee your emotional, mental, and physical well being. Soul care implies believing you are worthy and deserving of these measures for your spiritual well being, well-being, and evolution.

Self-care is the actual carrying out of the factor: moving your body in yoga, reading that book, or taking a stroll. Soul care is the feeling you get when carrying out the factor: joy, freedom, peace, or fulfillment.

Self-care is about embracing our physicality in human kind though we are right here on this earth and engaging our bodies with all of our senses (sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch). Soul care is permitting our spirit to guide us to enriching life experiences that really feel superior, thrilling, and nourishing.

Choose acts of self-care today that will make your heart smile in fondness when recollected in your soul’s next lifetime.

The term “self-care” can make it sound like it is a selfish act. We generally refer to it as “me time.” However, it is rather the opposite. Caring for your soul can be referred to as “we time” since it is a deep level of understanding that how we care for ourselves impacts the whole world’s soul.

The experiences we produce for ourselves on earth will in the end be uploaded into the iCloud of the universe (AKA collective consciousness) to be downloaded as necessary by other humans on their path of development.

Let’s study that above line once again!

Therefore, the more we produce experiences in our personal lives that make us really feel delighted, loved, and content, the more of that exact same superior power we emit into the ethers to be shared by all.


Here Are 11 Ways to Practice Soul Care:

Self-care is produced up of tangibles – actual points you can touch with your fingers, produced of scientific matter in life (like creams, salts, massage stones, diffusers, bubbles, journals, and candles).

Soul care is produced up of intangibles – points in life that actually matter (like enjoy, gratitude, and what you can not rather place your finger on).

Here are some examples of when self-care meets soul care.

1. Laugh Hard

Having a sense of humor and telling a joke is self-care. Laughing uncontrollably from the core of your essence is caring for your soul.

2. Savor Food

Cooking a meal is self-care. Savoring each bite and becoming consumed by the enjoy that went into preparation is actually meals for your soul.

3. Release Energy

Writing in a journal is self-care. Releasing stagnant power and adverse believed patterns is soul care.

4. Chase Your Dreams

Sleeping is self-care. Understanding that you produce your reality and you can make your dreams come accurate is soul care.


5. Honor Your Boundaries

Saying “no thank you” to invites you do not want to partake in is self-care. Trusting your instinct and honoring your boundaries is soul care.

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6. Surrender Control

Meditation is self-care. Being receptive to insight gained from your meditation practice and surrendering handle is soul care.

7. Connect

Going outdoors in nature is self-care. Believing in your accurate nature as a limitless, infinite becoming who is connected to every person and anything is soul care.

8. Grow

Reading a book is self-care. Changing a belief as a outcome of words that resonated with you on that web page or applying the understanding you consumed in a way that is going to support you develop is soul care.

9. Embody Strength

Exercising your body is self-care. Embodying strength is soul care.

10. Flow

Drinking water is self-care. Flowing with the organic existing of life without the need of resistance is meals for your soul.

11. Let Your Spirit Sing

Listening to music is self-care. A singing heart and free of charge dancing spirit is soul care.

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Self-Care Is Fleeting – Soul Care Is Forever

The face mask washes off. The nail polish at some point chips. The stroll ends. The hot bath gets cold. The meal disappears into your belly.

Self-care can be fleeting in this way. It is short-term. We all have an expiration date we will all fade back to black. Our bodies will die but our souls will live forever, imprinted with our memories and feelings.

So pick out acts of self-care today that you can shop in your soul’s memory bank. Choose acts of self-care today that will make your heart smile in fondness when recollected in your soul’s next lifetime. Choose acts of self-care today that you want to take as your soul’s souvenir into the fantastic beyond.

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Remember to dance like you do not give a damn, to shout “I love you” to your reflection in a mirror at the top rated of your lungs, and to be in jaw-dropping awe witnessing a rainbow or the major ball of fire identified as the sun in the sky.

Do these self-care practices, but more importantly, be grateful, curious, inspired, and present though you nevertheless have a physical presence. Your soul will thank you infinitely for caring.

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