How to Make Snowflake Prints with Bleeding Tissue Paper

How to Make Snowflake Prints with Bleeding Tissue Paper

Learn how to make snowflake prints applying bleeding tissue paper. Cut paper snowflakes and spritz with water to transfer and make winter art prints!

This straightforward winter art project is a single that our founder, Jean did with our her daughter a decade ago, but it stands the test of time. These snowflake paper prints are also attractive to sit and collect dust in our archives!

There’s a single particular material we use for this winter art activity–bleeding tissue paper. If you don’t have it, you could possibly get some outcomes with frequent tissue paper, but to seriously see the colour transfer in a substantial way, bleeding tissue paper is the way to go.

Photo by Rachel Withers

This has components of a wonderful course of action art project––each reduce snowflake yields fully distinctive and normally surprising outcomes. And what kid doesn’t like the possibility to use a spray bottle?

We’ll go via all the actions beneath so your children can produce their personal.

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Tissue paper snowflakes
Photo by Rachel Withers
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Snowflakes with Bleeding Tissue Paper



Time necessary: 45 minutes.

  1. Prepare supplies

    Gather components for the project and divide into what you’ll will need for cutting paper snowflakes and printing them.

    Cut bleeding tissue paper to size as necessary. I like to tape down white paper to our table to retain it in spot.

    Child folding tissue paper snowflakes

  2. Cut paper snowflakes

    Fold tissue paper and reduce into snowflakes. There are so several techniques for this, but do the variation you’re most familiar with.

    Child cutting paper snowflakes with tissue paper

    Continue cutting paper snowflakes till you have the quantity you’d like for the snowflake prints.

  3. Spray snowflakes

    Next, spot white paper onto a table and tape down to retain it in spot. Arrange snowflakes as you like onto this paper. When redy, spritz lightly, but fully with water.

    Boy spritzing tissue paper snowflakes

    This component is a tiny difficult. Be certain that each component of the tissue paper snowflake is saturated sufficient to make get in touch with with the paper beneath.

    Wet tissue paper bleeding onto paper

    But you also want to prevent soaking the tissue paper and it will bleed excessively and run all more than the paper.

    Child tapping wet tissue paper to make print
    Tap lightly or smooth out the tissue paper with a foam or dot brush as necessary.

  4. Let dry fully

    Within 1-3 hrs your snowflakes must be dry once again.

    bleeding tissue paper snowflakes

    At this point, lift them off the white paper to reveal your snowflake print!

Snowflake paper prints
Photo by Rachel Withers

This is a exciting spin on the classic snowflake generating that requires the course of action a single step additional. I assume it’s a wonderful introduction to printmaking for young children as properly.

We appreciate to see your artwork! Tag #theartfulparent on Instagram if you make these paper snowflake prints!

How to make tissue paper snowflakes prints
Photo by Rachel Withers

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