How to Make Instant Snow for Kids

How to Make Instant Snow for Kids

How to make immediate snow with Insta Snow powder and water. Includes tips for playing with the fake snow and recommendations for containing the mess.

My loved ones lives in Maine, exactly where the winters are extended and snow is fairly abundant. We at times bring true snow in to paint with or use in sensory play.

But I was nonetheless curious to attempt Instant powder so I ordered a compact container.

I wasn’t certain how extended this would hold my kids’ interest, but this material was new and fascinating. Not only is the method and science of this fake snow exciting, but they definitely enjoyed playing with it on trays for a Lengthy time.

So what’s not to enjoy?

As a disclaimer up front, I wouldn’t take into consideration this a super eco friendly material. (It’s comparable to the polymer in disposable diapers.) As such, be certain to keep with your little ones and make certain your youngster is not inclined to consume it!

Then there’s the mess issue, which my teammate, Anna, fortunately had me ready for. (Have your vacuum on hand!)

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Use a tray to assistance include the immediate snow and ask little ones to stay at the sensory bin or tray till fully completed with their play.

When the little ones have been completed playing fully, we brushed them off and vacuumed the table, chairs & floor. (My husband advised not to let this go down the drain!)

Despite all that, the method (develop snow in seconds!) and texture is incredibly exciting for little ones and I consider we’ll probably attempt this once again.

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How to Make Instant Snow

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  • Instant snow powder
  • Pitcher for water
  • Big bowl for mixing snow
  • Large plastic tray
  • Toy animals (we utilized our arctic creatures)


This to me, is naturally what tends to make the mess worth it. And honestly, just after our initial panic that this stuff could go all more than our home in 2 seconds flat, it turned out, it is not so undesirable with the parameters talked about above.

child pressing insta snow in tray
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People Also Ask

Is Insta Snow secure?

This solution is non toxic but must not be ingested!

What ingredient is in Insta Snow?

According to Steve Spangler Science (the makers of Insta Snow):

Insta-Snow is a synthetic polymer with super, water-absorbing properties. It’s the only faux snow on the market today that erupts when water is added. Similar superabsorbent polymers have been used in the past to absorb moisture in disposable baby diapers… without the incredible expanding property!

Is it environmentally friendly?

I consulted the scientists in my family on this one. Although non-toxic this product is a polymer that is similar to what’s used in diapers and I would presume, not biodegradable.

How long does instant snow last for?

After a day or so, it noticeably evaporates and begins to shrink. According to the website, you can rehydrate the snow at the point by adding a little water, then fluff it.

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How to Make Instant Snow for Kids

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