How to Make Autumn Leaf Art with Chalk Pastels

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Make lovely autumn leaf art for the wall with chalk pastels. Let nature be your inspiration attempt this autumn leaf art activity with the children or your self.

Updated August 2021

This is a enjoyable and effortless Autumn drawing activity for children and adults alike. Slow down to cautiously observe a leaf, and then draw the facts you see. Next, use chalk pastels to fill in your web page with colour, deciding upon either Autumnal colors, or any colors you like! The completed solution is a beautiful piece of Fall art that will appear beautiful on your wall.

Autumn Leaf Art with Chalk Pastels



  1. Draw your leaf

    Start by drawing a leaf with the black Sharpie. See if you can fill the web page with your leaf. And add the vein detail, and any other facts you notice.

    Draw a Leaf

  2. Add colour!

    Use the chalk pastels to colour in your leaf.

    Using chalk pastels to color autumn leaves

    You may possibly pick to use the vein sections to preserve colors separate.

    Using chalk pastels to color autumn leaves

    Or you can use your fingers to blend the pastels inside your drawing.

    Blending with chalk pastels

  3. Remove additional dust

    Be certain to blow the additional chalk dust off outdoors.

    Blending with chalk pastels

These chalk drawings provide the great Autumn decor to hang above the mantel.

Autumn Leaf Art Hanging Above the Mantel

So, how about letting Autumn inspire you? And make some colorful leaf art?

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