How to Make an Apple Prints Garland

How to Make an Apple Prints Garland

Celebrate Autumn with this simple apple prints garland! Make apple prints on old book pages and turn into a beautiful fall decoration.

Updated August 2023

This apple prints garland is the perfect Autumn craft for kids! They will LOVE making apple prints and you will end up with a beautiful fall garland to decorate your home with!

And we just love the interesting contrast between the red apple prints and the black-and-white text from the pages of an old book.

Photo by Andrea Martelle

Apple Prints Garland


  • Apple, sliced in half verticallyaffiliate links 2 — Kids, Activity Craft Holidays, Tips
  • Old chapter book (or any paper will do)
  • Scissors
  • Tempera paint (acrylic paint will work, too)
  • Plates for the paint
  • Tape or glue
  • Twine, ribbon, yarn etc.


  1. Cut triangles

    Find an old book that you don’t mind cutting up. Cut the book pages into triangles. We also had some precut white and kraft paper triangles that we used.

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  2. You can use a piece of cardboard cut into a triangle as a template, but you can also just eyeball it or use a ruler.

    garland pages

  3. Add paint to your apple

    Squeeze some red paint onto the plate and dip your apple into it. Move the apple around until it is well-coated. You can also use a mini roller and use that to coat the apple.

    apple printing

  4. Stamp the apple

    Press the apple, paint side down, onto one of the triangular book pages.

    apple prints

  5. See your print!

    Lift up the apple to reveal your apple print!

    apple print

    Repeat to make as many apple prints as desired. Let the prints dry completely.

    apple prints on paper (1)

  6. Create your bunting!

    Cut a length of ribbon or yarn.

    Then, add a drop of glue to the top corners of the page, and stretch your twine between them and press down to stick. You can also tape the yarn to the back of the triangle.

    taping garland

    Continue with the rest of the apple prints you want to add to your bunting.

  7. Hang and admire!

    This bunting will look so lovely wherever you decide to hang it!

    apple prints garland

There you have it! So easy and a great way to decorate your house for Autumn with the apple prints you were probably going to do anyway this fall, right?

apple prints garland (1)
Photo by Andrea Martelle

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How to Make an Apple Prints GarlandHow to Make an Apple Prints Garland

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