How to Make a Pinwheel

How to Make a Pinwheel

Create colorful pinwheels from watercolor-resist paintings. This exciting summer time craft comes from The Artful Year.

Looking for some exciting decorations for your garden? These pinwheels are so exciting to make and will add a pop of colour to any lawn!

We produced them employing stunning watercolor-resist painted paper but you can use any paper you’d like.

Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

How to Make a Pinwheel

This exciting summer time activity comes from the book, The Artful Year: Celebrating the Seasons & Holidays with Crafts & Recipes.

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Artful Pinwheels

From The Artful Year, by Jean Van’t Hul, © 2015 by Jean Van’t Hul. Reprinted by arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications Inc., Boulder, CO.

Create colorful pinwheels from watercolor-resist paintings.



  1. Create watercolor-resist paper

    Draw on the poster board with crayons, pressing difficult. White and light colors work specially properly for this method, known as watercolor resist. Paint more than the whole paper with watercolors. Let the paint dry.

  2. Paint the reverse side of the paper

    Turn the poster board more than and paint the reverse side with a contrasting colour of watercolor paint. Let it dry once again.

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  1. Cut out pinwheels

    Cut the watercolor-resist artwork into 6″ squares (smaller sized or bigger work as properly, but this is a fantastic size to start off with). Turn a square more than and use a ruler and a pencil to draw straight lines from corner to corner, crossing in the center. Use scissors to reduce along the drawn lines, stopping 1″-2″ from the center.

    pinwheels materials

  2. Cut out centers

    Cut 1″-2″ circles out of artwork remnants or colored building paper.

  3. Prepare for assembly

    Create holes in preparation for assembly: Poke a pushpin into the side of the dowel, close to the prime. Remove the pin, leaving a hole. Use the exact same pin to poke holes in the center of the penciled X as properly as in the pointed finish of every single spoke. Also poke a hole in the center of the circles.

    making hole in pinwheel

  4. Assemble your pinwheel

    To assemble, insert a straight pin by way of the hole in the center of one particular of the circles, then by way of every single of the 4 spokes, one particular at a time, and then ultimately by way of the center of the penciled X. Slip a bead onto the finish of the pin (so there will be a bead involving the dowel and the pinwheel), then add a dab from the hot glue gun to the sharp finish of the pin. Poke the glue covered pin finish into the hole in the dowel. The hot glue dries immediately.

    finished pinwheel

  5. Blow!

    Blow your pinwheel to make it spin, or hold it up to the wind.

    blowing a pinwheel

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How to Make a Pinwheel

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