How to Make a Cardboard Halloween House

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Here’s how to craft a spooky small cardboard Halloween residence with your little ones. A enjoyable vacation make &amp play project for seasonal enjoyable!

Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara is one particular of my all-time favourite Halloween reads.  It’s the best mix of sweet and spooky, plus it is an absolute treat for the eyes.  (That orange and black colour scheme!)

After reading this story, your small witches and wizards are certainly going to want a haunted residence of their personal. It’s simple to craft up this spooky residence with a handful of uncomplicated components.

And who does not enjoy a project that extends imaginative play?

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Cardboard Halloween House for Kids

  • Cardboard box
  • Extra cardboard for the roof and accessories
  • A box cutter or sharp scissors (Box cutters make cutting cardboard SO A great deal A lot easier.  I hugely advocate it.  Just be additional cautious to maintain it away from small ones!)
  • Duct tape or hot glue
  • Paint (we utilised tempera paint sticks)
  • White tissue paper
  • Black sharpie


  1. Make the residence base

    This all depends on the shape of your cardboard box.  We began with a medium-sized rectangular box, so we taped all sides with each other except for one particular finish.  On this finish, we reduce off the flaps and left it entirely open for simple play.

  2. Cut out windows and doors

    My six-year-old had enjoyable preparing out the specifics.  I let her go to town with a sharpie on the residence, deciding exactly where to place windows and the door.  Then I took more than and very carefully reduce out her styles with the box cutter. 

    If you want a door that opens and closes, just reduce about ¾ of it and leave one particular side attached.Drawing windows for cardboard Halloween house

  3. Create the roof and accessories

    Using a box cutter or scissors, reduce 2 extended rectangular pieces from your additional cardboard for the roof.  Hot glue or tape roof pieces to the major box. 

    My daughter kept pondering of points to add at this point.  A chimney! A front yard! A second story!  The possibilities are truly endless, and you can do just about something with cardboard and hot glue.

  4. Decorate

    Of course this is the most enjoyable portion!  We utilised tempera paint sticks for quick drying time, but any sort of paint would work. 

    painting cardboard ghost house _ anna harpe

    My daughter believed a haunted residence is not total devoid of a witch, so she drew one particular on sturdy paper, and I helped reduce her out. 

    Our residence is Pretty spooky so we added lots of tissue paper ghosts as nicely!

    making ghosts _ anna harpe

  5. Play, play, play!

    It’s additional enjoyable to play with anything that you helped build.

    My daughter straight away gathered all her tiny toys to come live in the haunted residence, and she spent all afternoon in her personal imaginative planet. 

    playing with cardboard house_anna harpe

We had a blast with this project and may make it an annual tradition!

Do your little ones enjoy Halloween? You’re in luck! The Artful Parent has tons of inventive Halloween costumes, decorations and activities for little ones this October!


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How to Make a Cardboard Halloween House_Pin

How to Make a Cardboard Halloween House

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