How to Get a Lite Brite Effect for Your Jack-O’-Lantern

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How to make a Lite Brite pumpkin! Create a enjoyable impact for your Jack-O’-Lantern with colored translucent beads with this straightforward DIY pumpkin decorating concept for Halloween.

Updated September 2021

Want to decorate a pumpkin with a Lite Brite impact?

We do not know about you, but we loved Lite Brite when we had been little ones. And although we’ve noticed industrial “Fright Lights” pumpkin decorating kits for sale at shops, we assume this DIY version is even more enjoyable! All you will need are some translucent colored plastic beads, a screwdriver, and your pumpkin.

Can you image it? A beautiful Lite Brite-like Jack-O’-Lantern glowing in the dark! So enjoyable and best for Halloween!

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A DIY Lite Brite Pumpkin


*For this project, we applied a white pumpkin simply because we believed the vibrant colors would show up most effective against it, and it is correct that they do for the duration of the day. But at evening when the pumpkin is lit, it does not look to make any distinction. So, really feel cost-free to go with what you have.


  1. Prep your pumpkin

    Cut off the leading of your pumpkin and hollow it out. If you can make the walls thinner, go for it.

    DIY Lite Brite Effect Pumpkin - Hallowing Out the Pumpkin

  2. Add holes for the face

    Hold your pumpkin on it is side and use the screwdriver to poke holes in exactly where you want the Jack-o’-lantern face to be.

    DIY Lite Brite Like Pumpkin - Poking Holes for Face

    If will need be, use a hammer to hit the screwdriver into the pumpkin.

    You do not have to make a face on your Jack-O’-Lantern, as an alternative you can make any sort of Lite Brite impact image on yours…

    Once you are happy with the general style, wipe the pumpkin juice off the pumpkin.

    DIY Lite Brite Like Pumpkin - Poking Holes for Face

  3. Add the beads

    Poke your beads into the holes.

    DIY Lite Brite Like Pumpkin - Poking Beads in Holes

    You may well will need to use the hammer or the back finish of the screwdriver to enable push the beads into holes that are slightly smaller sized than they are.

    How to Make a DIY Lite Brite Like Pumpkin

  4. Light your Jack-o’-lantern up!

    Finally, light a candle inside your new Jack-o’-lantern and stand back to admire the Lite Brite impact.

    Oh, the candle went out. Oops! The beads fill up all the hole openings, so there is no air for the fire.

    Cut a smallish hole at the base of the back of the pumpkin to let air in.

    DIY Lite Brite Like Pumpkin

Light the candle once again. And admire your new Lite Brite like pumpkin!

Did you develop up playing with Lite Brite? Do you assume you will attempt this enjoyable DIY version for Halloween?

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How to Get a Lite Brite Effect for Your Jack-O'-Lantern

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