How to do Flower Printing with Kids

How to do Flower Printing with Kids

Flower printing is a enjoyable and stunning nature art project for little ones. And it can be carried out with just about any type of paint!

Updated March 2022

Flower printing is a super enjoyable nature art activity for little ones of all ages! You do not will need any particular art supplies for it, either.

Start by gathering flowers and leaves from your garden or backyard. Then you can use just about any type of paint and paper you have on hand!

This is one particular of these activities exactly where you will be joining in the enjoyable correct alongside your little ones! Trust us!

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How to Do Flower Printing with Kids



  1. Gather your flowers and leaves

    Take this chance and go for a nature stroll. Cut and gather flowers and leaves, creating positive to have a selection of textures.

    cutting flowers

  2. Prep your work location

    Pour paint into shallow dishes or trays for quick dipping. You can also work on a tray, to hold factors contained!

    flower printing materials

  3. Make your prints!

    Carefully dip a flower into the paint, and then press onto your paper. Lift off the flower to reveal your print!

    flower printing

  4. Add facts

    Once your painting is dry, you can use a marker or pen to add facts, or turn your flower prints into a image, like this butterfly!

    flower printed butterfly

We enjoy the way these flower prints came out! You can make them more abstract or use the flower prints to develop a enjoyable image, like the flowers in the vase.

Do you feel you will attempt flower printing this spring?

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How to Do Flower Printing

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