How Cooperative Purchasing Offers a Key Advantage for Schools

How cooperative purchasing offers a key advantage for schools – Health, Kids

Developing and posting a Request for Proposals (RFP) and then poring more than several bids just before picking out a service provider and signing a contract can aid schools come across worth in getting, but it is an onerous and time-consuming procedure. When purchasers want important supplies correct away, they do not have the luxury of waiting.

This is why a increasing quantity of K-12 college systems are turning to cooperative getting to fill their requires. Education purchasers are getting that cooperative contracts give them the identical terrific worth as competitive bidding — devoid of all the time and aggravation.

What Is Cooperative Purchasing?

The use of cooperative contracts reduces the price of goods and solutions by aggregating the collective shopping for energy of public schools and agencies.

Using a contract from a nationally recognized cooperative such as OMNIA Partners or the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) — or 1 of the lots of smaller sized state and regional co-ops out there all through the United States — aids schools streamline the shopping for procedure by meeting all state and nearby competitive-bidding needs on massive purchases devoid of possessing to place these products out to bid for themselves.

Instead of looking for quotes, bids, or proposals, K-12 purchasers can merely pick out goods and solutions from the cooperative contract’s service catalog. These solutions have been pre-chosen by the agency behind the cooperative by way of its personal competitive-bidding procedure. In essence, the cooperative has performed this operate for schools currently, and so purchasers are complying with all nearby, state, and national procurement laws when they make purchases by way of a co-op.

Why This Is Significant

With cooperative getting, K-12 schools can invest in products significantly extra swiftly and simply than going out to bid, saving weeks or even months of hassle. This is specially considerable when shopping for massive quantities of products that are necessary correct away, such as cleaning and disinfecting supplies or other well being and security gear in the course of the pandemic.

Compare the use of getting cooperatives with the conventional procurement procedure:

Traditional procurement is a lengthy and inefficient procedure that can take months to comprehensive. By contrast, cooperative getting is a uncomplicated, 4-step procedure that eliminates the want to create and promote an RFP, solicit bids, and overview responses. Once schools have identified their getting requires, all they have to do is recognize and examine co-ops that have contracts certain to their requires, then safe approval and use an on-line catalog to spot their order.

This advantage of more rapidly, streamlined getting is a essential explanation why procurement by way of public bids and RFPs has taken a large hit in the course of the pandemic, EdWeek Market Brief reports. The education sector saw a 31-% drop in getting employing these solutions in the course of the second quarter of 2020 compared to the identical period in 2019.

“Some of the declines in
procurements may be attributed to districts’ urgency to make purchases and unwillingness to wait for the long process of publishing bids and RFPs. School systems relied on sole-source (non-competitive) procurements or turned to cooperatives, which gave them a chance to quickly purchase ‘mission critical’ products like custodial services [and] personal protective equipment,” the newspaper wrote.

Why School Specialty

School Specialty is integrated on cooperative getting agreements by way of significant national purchasers such as OMNIA Partners and AEPA, as properly as lots of state and regional co-ops.

School Specialty offers a wide variety of important components, from furnishings and teaching aids to cleaning supplies and PPE. Here are just some of the market-top item lines out there by way of School Specialty:

  • Abilitations unique-requires supplies
  • Childcraft early childhood goods
  • Classroom Select furnishings and gear
  • Frey Scientific science components
  • Sax art education supplies
  • School Smart college supplies
  • Sportime well being and physical education components

With such a wide variety of goods out there from School Specialty by way of cooperative getting, K-12 schools can satisfy practically all of their requires with a single on-line order.

Not only will schools get competitive discounts by taking benefit of cooperative getting by way of School Specialty, but they can get other unique added benefits as properly — such as specialist improvement for lots of goods and solutions and further discounts on higher-volume purchases.

Learn more about your state’s contract pricing and how School Specialty can aid.

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