Folded Paper Ball Ornaments – JINZZY

Folded Paper Ball Ornaments –  JINZZY

One of my favourite Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree just about every year is a faded and tattered folded paper ornament that my son (now 20 years old) produced in Kindergarten.

Kindergarten folded paper ornament

It’s the simplest ornament ever. It’s just a couple of paper circles folded and glued collectively, and there are a couple of Christmas stickers stuck to it, but gosh, my heart melts just about every time I see it.

horizontal folded paper balls

It occurred to me that these very simple folded paper balls would be a fantastic homemade ornament to share with you, so we whipped up a bunch, producing them a small fancier and sturdier than my son’s building paper ornament, and they turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

You can use any sort of paper, but we produced ours added-particular by custom painting our paper initial.

horizontal folded paper balls

You could also use some of your kids’ artwork from when they had been small. That would make this a actual keepsake ornament.

Hang them on your Christmas tree, or make a bunch and decorate your house with them.

folded paper ornaments hanging from chandelier

Pop over to CBC Parents to see how we produced them.

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