Emotional Awareness: How to Use Your Feelings to Find Clarity

Emotional Awareness: How to Use Your Feelings to Find Clarity

Similar to emotional intelligence, emotional awareness is the potential to determine and have an understanding of the feelings we are experiencing at any offered time.

Let’s alter the way we view our feelings.

For as well lengthy we have been created to think our feelings make us weak. But this couldn’t be additional from the truth.

In truth, our feelings are really more like our superpower. Why? Because they are our guides. They speak to us about exactly where we are at in life, and exactly where to go next.

This is exactly where emotional awareness comes into play: by working out this awareness in our each day lives, our feelings turn into the guideposts that support us far better have an understanding of what’s going on and how it is impacting us particularly in that moment.

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Emotional Awareness Allows Our Emotions to Guide Us

Think about any predicament that has stirred an emotion in you. Before you listened to that voice that told you to shut the door on these feelings, what message had been they attempting to send to you?

Become conscious that your feelings are not an accident, but rather a gauge for your emotional state. If you believe back you will see that each and every moment when you seasoned heightened feelings, there was a message attempting to come by way of.

Let’s appear at an emotion that is fairly quick for us all to have an understanding of: Love.

Your feelings are not an accident, but rather a gauge for your emotional state.

When we fall in adore, feelings bubble up to the surface, even overflow. We know specifically what they are attempting to inform us and we commonly permit them to express themselves. We embrace that emotion since it is welcome.

But, adverse feelings are rather diverse.

For instance, when we are criticized for a thing, the emotion that wells up is suppressed. When our feelings are hurt, we hide from our feelings. Anger, worry, shame, sadness. All the supposed ‘negative’ feelings are kept properly and actually locked away.

But, for whose advantage? What goal does it actually serve to shut these feelings away? And, what goal could it serve if we didn’t?

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Emotional Awareness Begins When You Acknowledge Your Feelings

We hide our feelings since they are inconvenient. For other individuals! We hide them since they make other persons really feel uncomfortable.

‘Oh, I said something she didn’t like and now appear at her, acting all miserable.’

Instead of dealing with the discomfort of others’ reactions we bottle up all these significant feelings. We would rather ‘save face’.

The trouble is there are two quite sharp edges to this sword.

Firstly, we establish a mask, which more than time has resulted in a society of inauthenticity (and a lack of trust in every other). Secondly, we are no longer enabling ourselves to procedure these feelings. That is a unsafe road you just do not want to go down!

Remember the old stress cooker analogy?

Well, this is what you are performing when you do not permit them to be released. You make up emotional stress, and like it or not it has to be released somehow. You can either procedure and release or bottle it up and threat it coming out as anger, bitterness and so on.

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This Is the Connection Between Your Emotions and Intuition

Our feelings are not a glitch, or a error, in our makeup. They are there to serve as crucial tools for our lives. They are connected to our soul and our goal in life. They are the signposts on the road that inform us which way to go.

Emotions and intuition work collectively to steer us in the correct path when we have gotten off course. Without these two components connecting us to our truth we would be permanently lost. But, if we listen to them we can live a life of truth. Mask-significantly less and no cost.

Our feelings are not a glitch, or a error, in our makeup. They are there to serve as crucial tools for our lives.

What if these two components of our lives could support us transform the way we live? Just these two! Trusting each our feelings and our intuition is like trusting in the universe. What a freeing way to live!

Feel an emotion: listen to it. Feel guided by intuition: listen to it. Pure surrender and trust. This is the act of emotional awareness.

Why Is Emotional Awareness So Important?

You could argue it is no massive deal if you had to pretend you had been okay with an individual else deciding exactly where to go for dinner when you had other tips. Or, what’s the massive deal if you are told to move offices but you actually want to keep exactly where you are?

Here’s the factor. It all adds up!

Denying your personal wants more than and more than adds up to feeling disrespected and unseen. And this is just an instance of not listening to your feelings. It applies to so numerous elements of our lives, which includes relationships, boundaries, respect, and so on.

Pay interest the next time you really feel denied. You really feel that knot in your stomach?

The tension we encounter in our bodies comes from denying our feelings.

That’s your feelings attempting to send you a message. Now consider you speak up for your self. Immediate release! But, if you do not speak up the knot stays and the stress starts to make.

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What we require to do is discover to give our feelings space, which signifies recognizing when we are angry, processing why and then working by way of the root bring about of the anger. What we mustn’t do is bottle up our feelings. When we can really feel our feelings, that awareness aids us acknowledge, procedure, and move forward.

Consider your emotional awareness. Are you are enabling your self to procedure your feelings? Think about no matter if you are tuning in to their lessons. Every one particular of them has a explanation for becoming. Every one particular of them could be the crucial to your superpower.

Often, all we require is some space to cry, or have time alone. When we practice emotional awareness, we give ourselves what we require and our feelings will guide the way. If you do not acknowledge their lesson, even though, they will hold on tight.

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Consider a World of Emotional Freedom

How diverse would factors be if we weren’t afraid to shed a tear or speak up when we felt hurt? Think of the tension in your body when you do not express your self and how you really feel. What if, as an alternative, you expressed your self?

The tension we encounter in our bodies comes from denying ourselves and not respecting ourselves adequate to speak up. If by holding space for emotional awareness, we listened to and honored the messages our feelings are providing us, we would be capable to release that tension.

The more we do this, the more we trust and the more we no cost ourselves.

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Emotional Awareness 1

Our Emotions Do Not Make Us Weak: Emotional Awareness Is Empowering!

Our feelings in no way make us weak. Learning from them will support us turn into the greatest versions of ourselves: genuine, no cost and truthful. This is what finding out from our feelings can do for us.

If we can see them as a procedure then perhaps we can lastly have an understanding of we require to go by way of the motions.

You require to permit your self to encounter the feelings, or you will not get the magical lessons they have to provide. That would be like producing a chocolate cake and leaving out the cacao.

How would your life appear if you had been open to expressing your feelings?

Would you really feel more in manage, more genuine or more no cost? The next time you really feel the require to hide your feelings, cease very first and believe about why they are coming up in the very first spot. Your emotional intelligence will continue to strengthen every time you do!

Realize that becoming open to your feelings signifies letting in the lessons they have for you. And, these lessons could set you no cost. So cheers to honoring our emotional awareness for a more confident and fulfilled y.o.u.

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