Emma’s Dinosaur Party

Emma’s Dinosaur Party

Yes you read it right, it’s a dinosaur party for a little girl! It’s so refreshing to see this theme in all shades of pinks and pastels. After all, who says only little boys play with dinosaurs?  Mommy Katrina decided on a first birthday party theme when Emma was just a few months old and since then, she was on the lookout for items she can use for the party. Buying things over time helped her score good deals; for example, the inflatable triceratops you’ll see was purchased on sale for only P300! Most of the items were borrowed from neighbors and friends, and yaya was a great side-kick to mommy’s DIY skills! Mommy shares, I was going to stick the painted dinos onto the jars, but she thought of putting dinosaurs inside, along with some leaves and quail eggs to look like dino eggs. I thought of making a backdrop to cover the painted wall and she thought of the crepe paper (and did it herself). I bought a string of petals to wrap around the 1 paper mache – she thought of sticking the petals on individually. We’re so lucky to have such a creative yaya!” 

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Emma’s mom tells us, I wanted to avoid the typical girly themes of unicorns, princesses, fairies and other fantasies (which I’m sure she’ll ask for when she’s older and I’ll happily plan for her!). When she was about 5 months old, she also picked up the habit of roaring! Day and night, she’d roar at things, people and dogs! So when I stumbled on a dinosaur theme, I thought it was perfect! As soon as I decided on the theme and started buying dinosaur things here and there, I realized I struck gold — she was obsessed! She loved every dinosaur we had at home and it was one of the first words she clearly understood!”

Get this look with help from the following:

  • Venue: Neil’s Kitchen, Westgate Alabang
  • Cake and cupcakes were by Malu del Rosario
  • Cookies by The Little Whisk
  • Divisoria finds: paper mache letters, mylar balloons, painted dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur puzzles from Daiso 
  • Sand for dino-dig DIY using flour and oil

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