Easy Pattern Art Project with a Maple Leaf

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Here’s an simple pattern art project that begins with a template tracing of a maple leaf. Fill every single closed section with a delicate pattern and you have a beautiful work of art.

If any student ever asked me for the a single point they could do to come to be a greater artist, I would say this … just take your time.

Slow down, do not rush, and appear for detail in every little thing that you do.

The planet is complete of items that appear to come about overnight, but finding out how to make a pen or pencil do lots of items, and generating your eyes see lots of items requires time.

That’s accurate for drawing folks and locations and items, and even accurate for easy drawing workouts.

This simple pattern art project with a maple leaf focuses on just the detail component of a drawing. It asks students to trace the template of a leaf, and then add as lots of distinct patterns inside as probable. It might sound easy, but it can rapidly show what a distinction detailed work can make. Those that choose a handful of easy patterns will in all probability have some thing that appears ho-hum, though these that seriously take it on, can have some eye-popping final results.

Here are some remarkable examples that a handful of older elementary students did back when I was in the classroom.

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Line Art Leaves by students

Keep in thoughts that this capacity to focus and do detailed work also has a lot to do with the age of most elementary students. Kinder and initially graders do not fairly have that in location however, and some 2nd and 3rd graders are just starting to physical exercise it.

That’s not to say that this is only a 4th and 5th grade project, all levels can advantage from some fine motor ability tracing and drawing. It’s just that the expectations need to have to fluctuate a bit, based on the age and grade level.

Note: Studying the Elements of Art? This is an clear tie in with LINES and SHAPES.

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An easy art project that starts with a line drawing of a maple leaf. Trace and fill with patterns for a lovely work of art.
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Here’s a new selection for busy teachers and parents. You can now quickly download this drawing as a coloring web page with the red button under. Just click to open it as a PDF which you can then save to your desktop. You’ll have a free of charge coloring web page that you can print as typically as you want, for what ever type of project you want. Use it for younger students that want in on the coloring enjoyable, or as a complete size visual help for these that are following the drawing tutorial. For lots of more enjoyable items to colour, please see my COLORING Web page GALLERY It’s under no circumstances been simpler to see and download so lots of all in a single location!

Line Art Maple Leaf Coloring Page

— Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips

Materials for the Line Art Leaf

Directions for drawing a Line Art Leaf

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