This quick-serve party lunch comes with a BIG helping of monster fun!

And the best news? They’re also super easy to DIY. 🙌

I free-hand cut the mouth elements out of craft felt. You can also make a paper template first to use as a guide. Don’t worry about making them all exactly the same, though – it’s cute to have a bunch of different-looking monsters all lined up on the table!

Just make sure you purchase the STIFF craft felt (not the floppy kind). And feel free to mix up the colors however you want. These are perfect for a Little Monster birthday party and would also be fun for a not-s0-scary Halloween!

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DIY Little Monster Lunch Boxes

Monster Mouth Lunch Boxes


  • Gable Box (around 8” wide)
  • Small, Inexpensive Bath Mat (or similar “furry” fabric)
  • Stiff Craft Felt
  • Scissors (fabric or extra sharp if you’ve got ’em!)
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Cut an inexpensive bath mat into strips that fit the front of your gable boxes. (Note – you can find small bath mats, like the one used here, for as little as $5. I got this one at Walmart.)
  2. Free-hand cut monster mouths, tongues, and hair from the craft felt.
  3. Hot glue all of the pieces to the front of the lunch box, except for the hair, which should go on the top of the handle.
  4. Fill the box with prepped lunches and serve to hungry little monsters!