Cork and Clothespin Nutcracker Ornament

Cork and Clothespin Nutcracker Ornament –  JINZZY

Turn a wine cork and a clothespin into an adorable nutcracker ornament for the Christmas tree. This uncomplicated Christmas craft is fantastic for little ones of all ages to make for your personal Christmas tree, or to give in sets as a homemade present this Christmas.

I am SO excited to share this homemade nutcracker craft with you!!

Guys. These are actually the cutest, easiest nutcrackers ever. All you have to have is a frequent wooden clothespin and a wine cork to make them.

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Ok, you have to have a glue gun and some paint as well, and some craft jewels if you want to add some bling to your nutcrackers, but honestly, have you ever observed such an adorable craft created with so couple of supplies?

clothespin nutcrackers lined up in grass

I got the inspiration when I was decorating my Christmas tree final weekend. My retailer-purchased ornaments generally inspire so lots of of the Christmas crafts that I do with my daycare little ones.

I was hanging the wooden nutcracker ornaments you see in the ideal-hand side of this subsequent pic, and I got to questioning how we may be capable to make a homemade version with products we have on hand.

store-bought nutcracker ornaments beside tray of painted clothespins and corks

I studied the ornaments for a minute, and it came to me we could use a clothespin for the body and legs, and a wine cork for the face and hat.

Over the course of the weekend, I painted the clothespins and the corks, and then final evening, I varnished them (to make the colours pop), and glued them with each other.

close up of hand holding 2 homemade nutcrackers

GAH! Aren’t they just as well cute?

I’m going to hang our nutcrackers on our Christmas tree, but this would be a fantastic present to make if little ones are providing homemade this year.

Give them individually or in sets

You could package them up and give them in sets, or give them individually. They’d make fantastic present toppers, or you could hang your ornament more than the neck of a bottle of wine that you are providing as a present. (That’s what we did final year with our cork angel, snowman and reindeer ornaments.)

nutcrackers - some standing with cork bases glued on

Not just for older little ones

And do not feel for a minute, that this craft is just for older little ones. Toddlers and preschoolers can completely make these. In reality, their quirky, wonky nutcrackers would be far cuter than any of the ones that I created.

Let’s get crafting!

How to Make our Cork and Clothespin Nutcrackers

acrylic paints, varnish, glue gun, cork, cotton ball, clothespin

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Wine and Cork Nutcracker How-To:

  1. Base-paint Cork

    Paint half or slightly additional than half of the cork black, and the other half flesh-coloured. Depending on the opacity of your paint, you may possibly have to have two coats. Set aside to dry.

  2. Paint Clothespin

    While your cork dries, paint your clothespin. I stuck with strong colours and divided my clothespin into three pretty equal sections: bottom-boots, middle-pants, prime-jacket.unpainted cork and clothespin beside finished painted nutcracker

  3. Add Details

    When your cork is dry, paint the functions of your nutcracker’s face. Remember, eyebrows, moustache and teeth are a ought to for a nutcracker.
    Tip: To make the eyes, you can dip the deal with of a paintbrush into some paint and press it to the cork. Let dry.

  4. Varnish Pieces

    Brush some craft sealer/varnish more than the head and body to safeguard the paint and to make the colours definitely pop.

  5. Glue Together

    With a low heat glue gun, glue the cork head to your nutcracker’s body.

  6. Add Extras

    Glue a smaller piece of cotton ball beard to the bottom of your nutcracker’s chin and add a craft jewel or two to the hat and body.

  7. Make Base

    Every nutcracker has a wooden base, so grab an further cork and slice it into thin disks. Paint and varnish the disk and glue it to the bottom of the clothespin. cork cut into disks on wood cutting board

  8. Add Thread for Hanging

    To hang your nutcracker, tie a four-inch length of metallic thread into a knot and glue it to the prime of your nutcracker’s hat.

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