Breathing Techniques While Exercising | MomDocs

Breathing Techniques While Exercising | MomDocs

Focusing on breathing techniques while exercising is important for all ages. Parents often ask if proper breathing techniques can help their child excel more. Breathing properly is key to ensuring that your child’s lungs are functioning the way that they should be. This includes getting fresh oxygen to the entire body. Proper technique can improve endurance and performance, and you should teach any active child the basics.

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For both children and adults, a great reminder while exercising is to stop and smell the roses. It is important to breathe in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth. We want to encourage people to breathe through the nose because it takes advantage of the body’s natural humidifying process. Breathing through the mouth bypasses those benefits. When skipping the humidifying process, it may cause symptoms for patients that have chronic breathing problems. Young athletes in sports that require a high level of conditioning, like soccer or distance running, should be coached on proper breathing techniques. Proper breathing can also lessen symptoms of chronic conditions like asthma or other respiratory issues. If you have questions, talk to your child’s doctor about how teaching them these techniques can help them perform better and stay healthier.

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