Boost Your Self-Motivation With This Guided Meditation + Bonus Journal Prompts

Boost Your Self-Motivation With This Guided Meditation + Bonus Journal Prompts

Let’s talk about your “why” and how self-motivation is crucial to finding purpose, fulfillment, and success in life.

First, what is self-motivation? If “motivation” is defined as both a desire and willingness to do something, then self-motivation is your own internal drive to do something. Your internal drive is not influenced or altered by exterior forces – it is entirely up to you.

Reflecting on on our ‘why’ is the key to empowering us to keep going for those goals.

Working towards a goal can take a lot of effort. Although it’s essential, motivation doesn’t always come easily, especially when feeling low and unmotivated. The good news? We can turn that around at any moment, and this article shares two key practices to help you get there: a guided meditation practice and accompanying journal prompts.

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There Are Two Types of Self-Motivation

There are two primary sources from which we can draw our motivation: extrinsically (external motivation) and intrinsically (internal motivation).

Extrinsic motivation gives us the drive we need to achieve certain goals because we can receive something in return like fame, money or other material motives.

Intrinsic motivation fuels us to move forward for something more fulfilling. According to research, experts say that those internal incentives can set us up for long-lasting success. With this type of motivation, we are more moved by how purpose-driven our intentions are and become more inclined to pursue them.

Depending on our goals, both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation can feel useful. While there isn’t anything wrong with wanting external rewards, it’s helpful to have a handful of things rooted inside you that are your reasons for feeling motivated.

But to find those meaningful reasons rooted inside, it all starts from looking within. We have to reflect on our ‘why’ as it is the key to empowering us to keep going for those goals.

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Go Within With This Guided Meditation for Self-Motivation

“Never underestimate the power you hold within, for everyone has an untapped source deep within their soul.” – Germany Kent, as quoted in A Year of Self-Motivation for Women by Ashton August.

Unlock your motivation by uncovering what internally motivates you. But before we get mindful, let’s take a moment to get grounded.

Get in a comfortable position relaxing your arms by your side or on your lap.

Begin by taking a deep breath in and out. Again, in and out. One more time, in and out. Beautiful.

Now settle into stillness and continue breathing at your own pace, focusing on the rise and fall of your chest.

Lower your gaze or if you like, gently close your eyes.

Think of a task you are struggling to find the motivation to do.

Allow any thoughts associated with this task to come without any judgment.

Then let them go with each exhale.

Instead of thinking of a specific outcome, think about what the internal reward would be. How would you feel? How will it impact you and those around you?

Take another deep breath in and out.

Whenever you’re ready, slowly lift your gaze or gently open your eyes if they are closed.

Welcome in the light and space that surrounds you.

Wonderful work.

End the meditation by repeating the following affirmations, out loud or in your head:

“I am capable of finding motivation from within. Within me resides an infinite supply of ideas, inspiration, and creative potential, and it is from this place that I continually find my strength, confidence, and resilience.” – Quoted from A Year of Self-Motivation for Women by Ashton August.

Finding long-lasting motivation comes from within, honing in knowing you are important and making a difference.

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Boost Your Self-Motivation With These Journal Prompts:

When your motivation feels like it’s missing, reflect on your ‘why’ and lean on it to motivate yourself.

Start by thinking of one goal you are working towards achieving. It can be a small task for this week or something bigger for this month or this year. Just pick one.

Finding long-lasting motivation comes from within.

Once you have your goal, think about the why (your intrinsic reason) behind it. Tap into your why by digging deep, asking yourself these questions and writing your divine downloads in your journal. Take your time. If it feels tough to do, it’s okay.

  • Why does this goal matter to me?
  • Why will achieving this goal excite me or make me happy?
  • How might this achievement change my life?
  • How am I growing as I strive towards achieving it?

What did you write down? Now that we went a little deeper into your intrinsic motivation follow up by asking yourself what you could do first to move forward. Ask yourself how you can make the progress you need and let that motivate you.

Whether you can see the finish line or still have a ways to go, reflect on the progress you’ve already made and be proud of it.

End your journaling by writing the following affirmations from A Year of Self-Motivation for Women:

“I do my best and let go of the rest. I trust that I am enough, I am loved, I am supported, and I am doing a great job! I motivate myself.”

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The self-motivation guided meditation is meant to calm and center you, so you’re able to get clear on your “why” – which is so motivating! Then the journal prompts help you tap into the intrinsic motivation to keep going.

Remember, we all have two types of motivation that drive us: extrinsic and intrinsic. To improve your self-motivation that’s long-lasting, reflect on your reason, own your ‘why,’ and rely on that to fuel you forward. You’ve got this!!

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Do you struggle with self-motivation? Did any of these journal prompts or motivational affirmations resonate with you? Please share with us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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