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This engaging and colorful book is a amazing way to introduce your kids to the energy of plant-forward consuming.

Book Author: Melissa Halas, MA, RDN, CDE

What is this book about?

Healthy Eating for Families, The Ultimate Nutrition Guide for Kids, Parents, and Educators&nbspis an interactive nutrition guide that must be enjoyed by parents, caregivers, and educators alongside kids. This book introduces fruits, vegetables, complete grains, herbs, and spices by way of the Super Crew, a pack of eight kids who achieve superpowers from consuming colorful plants!

Tom-Tom gets his water-shaping skills by means of red apples, tomatoes, and peppers Andy has super-human strength from orange pumpkins, carrots, and persimmons though Jessie gets her shape-shifting powers from green avocado, spinach, and broccoli. Each Super Crew character is paired with a colour, representative of a&nbspphytonutrient&nbspor, as they like to contact them, ‘fight-o-nutrients’ – useful compounds located in plants. This book does a excellent job of breaking this complicated subject down into quickly digestible bites that are enjoyable, interactive, and believed-provoking.

In addition to teaching kids about the well being advantages of consuming plants,&nbspHealthy Eating for Families&nbspis brimming with beneficial guidelines for introducing new foods and generating balanced meals. Don’t be shocked if you come across some foods your kids are not familiar with, such as guavasteen, dragon fruit, or nopales! Learning about these distinctive fruits and vegetables by means of the Super Crew may well spark your child’s curiosity and prompt them to be extra adventurous eaters.

The Super Crew’s messages are intertwined with enjoyable games all through, such as a fruit and vegetable word scramble and an ‘I tried it’ bingo that rewards kids for new healthful behaviors or for attempting new foods and textures. Activities are paired with actionable ambitions, which provides the complete loved ones the tools necessary to place these new suggestions into practice. Halas’ imaginative book explores the genuinely superpower-like nature of plants in a way that will be enjoyed by caregivers and kids alike.

Tips for reading this book with your kid:&nbsp

  • Explore one particular new character and colour at a time, introducing your kid gradually to the wonders of plants. Discover new recipes and dishes, like that colour, just before moving on to the subsequent!
  • Choose one particular activity per week so you can completely get pleasure from every one particular with out rushing. Plus, you and your kid can appear forward to new activities every week!
  • Be confident to verify out the Just for Parents section in the finish, which delivers guidelines on basic items you can do to reinforce healthful consuming.
  • Taste and get pleasure from new nutrition adventures collectively with the&nbspSuper Crew’s Breakfast Cookbook for Kids, 50 Tasty Recipes, + one hundred Fun Nutrition Activities.
  • Continue drawing inspiration from the Super Crew (actually and figuratively!) by means of&nbspSuper Crew coloring pages&nbspand&nbspkids nutrition activities&nbspalongside the book.
  • Check out the extra tools listed on the&nbspHealthy Eating for Families resource web page.

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