Bobbie vs. Kendamil Formula Comparison Guide

Bobbie vs. Kendamil Formula Comparison Guide

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There are so numerous infant formulas on the market place today, so it can be difficult to figure out which formula could be the ideal choice for your tiny a single! In this guide, we’ll break down almost everything you require to know about Bobbie organic infant formula compared to Kendamil infant formulas so you can obtain the ideal formula for your child.

Bobbie Infant Formula and Kendamil’s line of infant formulas are some of the newer selections on the market place today. If you are questioning which formula is far better and what the variations are involving the two, you have come to the appropriate spot!

In current years, American parents have turn into more interested in feeding their babies organic child formula with higher-good quality organic components. I know when I had each of my youngsters, I wanted merchandise that listed lactose as the key carbohydrate and had been totally free of components like palm oil and corn syrup.

European child formulas have turn into more well-liked in the United States simply because they usually fill this require, identical with European-style child formula brands, like Bobbie.

Due to the 2022 child formula shortage, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted the import of more formulas manufactured outdoors the US, which includes Kendamil. Given current formula shortages, you could be hunting for new brands and other good quality formula selections you can trust! To enable you select which selections to think about, this formula comparison will highlight the similarities and variations involving Bobbie vs. Kendamil.

About Bobbie Organic Baby Formula 

Bobbie formula was founded in 2018. The enterprise was developed by and is nonetheless led by two moms who struggled to breastfeed exclusively and had been frustrated with the infant formula selections that had been readily available in the United States at the time. Bobbie is the only European-style infant formula that is each manufactured and sold in the US and is produced in Vermont and Ohio.

Bobbie meets FDA specifications for infant formula and was inspired by European nutritional specifications. It is USDA-certified organic, kosher, and is the 1st US child formula to have received each the Clean Label Project Purity Award and the Clean Label Pesticide-Free Certification. It is the only infant formula brand produced in the United States to meet the EU regular for DHA at 20 mg per one hundred calories of ready formula.

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Since Bobbie organic infant formula is manufactured in the US and utilizes a subscription-primarily based model, parents with a subscription will have continued access to their infant’s formula for the duration of their formula feeding journey devoid of possessing to search or shop at retail retailers.

About Kendamil Baby Formulas

Kendamil is a privately-owned child formula brand produced in the United Kingdom (UK) that has been in business enterprise for more than 60 years. Kendamil was founded by a British loved ones and utilizes a British provide chain to make their formula in the UK. Kendamil has 2 formula varieties that are lately readily available at Target retailers in the United States: Kendamil Classic First infant formula, Kendamil Organic First infant formula. Both version of Kendamil’s formulas are kosher and have a whey:casein ratio that is related to mature breastmilk.

Kendamil has turn into lately readily available to the U.S. market place beneath the FDA enforcement discretion as component of Operation Fly Formula A program to boost infant formula provide in the United States.

Are All Infant Formulas FDA Approved?

All infant formula that is manufactured and sold in the United States is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA sets minimum specifications of specific nutrients that all US formula brands have to meet.

The FDA also sets Good Manufacturing Practices, Quality Control Procedures, Quality Factors, Notification Requirements and Records and Reports suggestions for infant formula suppliers. These specifications are created to enable make sure the security of American formulas.

But the FDA does not technically “approve” meals merchandise, which includes infant formulas, they only regulate them.

European formulas are not regulated by the FDA, nonetheless they are regulated by the European Union (European commission) and they meet the European requirements for infant formula. Additionally, numerous of them do meet FDA nutritional specifications for infant nutrition. And today, simply because of Operation Fly Formula, Kendamil Organic is a single of the couple of European brands that is now regulated by the FDA.

What Are The Key Building Blocks Of Baby Formula?


Milk protein is a essential element in child formula and in breastmilk. Infant formulas that are cow-milk primarily based usually include whey and casein – the two protein elements in milk. The ratio of whey to casein matters simply because if the ratio is off, it can result in constipation and other tummy troubles in babies.


Whey protein is the liquid that remains soon after milk has gone by means of the cheese creating method (e.g. curdled and strained). Whey is usually digested more promptly than casein.


Casein protein is what offers milk its white colour. Cow’s milk is about 80% casein. Casein is also a byproduct of the cheese creating method, and is the curds or solids that separates from the liquid whey when milk is curdled. Casein is more dense than whey, and is digested more gradually. Too a lot casein in a formula can result in constipation.


The whey:casein ratio in breast milk begins off at 80:20 or 70:30 in early lactation / newborn stages, and decreases to 50:50 more than a couple of years. Typically, mature breast milk nonetheless through the infant stages has a ratio of 60:40.


The organic composition of breast milk is complete of crucial fatty acids, so child formula desires to be capable to mimic that fat content / mix that human breast milk has. Typically, the fat content of child formula will be a mix of distinctive vegetable oils: soy oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, palm oil, are all often employed in varying ratios to provide the healthier fats your child desires.


Carbohydrates are what offers your body power! They are in breastmilk and are totally crucial to contain in child formula. The ideal variety of carbohydrate to contain in formula is lactose, which is the naturally occurring carbohydrate in breast milk and in cow’s milk.

The unfortunate factor right here is, numerous standard formula brands will use carbs like corn syrup solids, maltodextrin, brown rice syrup, sucrose, or glucose syrup alternatively of lactose – simply because they’re more affordable, have a longer shelf life, and can be more appropriate for the uncommon occurrence when a kid has a lactose sensitivity (so sensitive formulas will usually have to use some sort of sugar alternatively of lactose).

There are two forms of Kendamil formula – an organic version and a non-organic version. Here we will examine Bobbie organic infant formula to each Kendamil Classic First Formula and Kendamil Organic First.

We will evaluation these critical elements of infant formula:

  • Adequacy of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Protein ratio
  • Type of carbohydrate
  • Types of fats

Note: All of these formulas are produced from cow’s milk. Bobbie and Kendamil do not give a hypoallergenic or sensitive formula choice.

Bobbie Vs. Kendamil Classic First

Bobbie Organic Formula vs. Kendamil Classic First Formula Comparison Chart

The Similarities Between Bobbie Organic And Kendamil Classic Are:

  • Nutritional Requirements: Both Kendamil Classic First and Bobbie organic formula will meet the vitamin and mineral desires of a expanding infant from birth to 12 months.
  • FDA Standard: Both formula selections meet FDA specifications for regular infant formula.
  • No Palm Oil: Neither Bobbie nor Kendamil Classic consists of palm oil.
  • DHA: Both formulas include DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid critical for brain and eye improvement.
  • Lactose: Both formulas use lactose as their carbohydrate supply and include no added corn syrup or other added sugars.
  • Whey:Casein Ratio: The protein in each formulas is milk-primarily based, and each have a 60 to 40 ratio of whey to casein, which matches the ratio in mature breast milk.

The Major Differences Between These Two Formulas Are:

  • Organic Certification: Kendamil Classic First is not an organic infant formula. Bobbie is USDA organic and utilizes pasture-raised organic milk from Organic Valley farms in the United States. Bobbie is an organic option for parents browsing for European-style infant formula.
  • Milk Source: Kendamil’s milk supply is Red Truck Dairy, a not-for-profit enterprise that is the UK’s greatest farm and meals assurance scheme. They created requirements primarily based on ideal practices and legislation that cover animal welfare, meals security, traceability and environmental protection.
  • Type Of Milk: Kendamil utilizes complete milk although Bobbie utilizes nonfat milk
  • Fat Sources: Kendamil utilizes a blend of fat from complete milk and sunflower, coconut, and rapeseed oils. Bobbie utilizes a blend of vegetable oils: safflower, sunflower, soy, and coconut.
  • HMOs: Kendamil Classic First consists of a Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) and Bobbie does not. An HMO is a variety of prebiotic fiber.
  • Price: Kendmail Classic is more affordable than Bobbie Organic Formula, Kendamil Classic is $1.07 per oz, although Bobbie formula is $1.74 per oz.

Bobbie Vs Kendamil Organic First

Bobbie Organic Formula vs. Kendamil Organic Formula Comparison Chart

The Similarities Between Bobbie Organic And Kendamil Organic Are:

  • Nutritional Requirements: Bobbie organic formula and Kendamil Organic First formulas each and every meet the desires of infants primarily based on the US requirements of the FDA.
  • Organic: Both formulas are certified organic and use higher good quality milk from grass-fed cows. Though each Bobbie and Kendamil Organic First formulas are organic and European style, and use milk from pasture-raised cows, Bobbie is produced in the United States with milk sourced from US organic dairy farms.
  • DHA: Both formulas contain DHA, and neither include palm oil.
  • Whey:Casein: Both formulas have a 60 to 40 ratio of whey to casein for much easier digestion
  • Lactose: Both formulas use lactose as the carbohydrate supply.

The Main Differences Between Bobbie Organic and Kendamil Organic Are:

  • Use of antibiotics in organic dairy: There are distinctive requirements for organic dairy in the EU and US the EU makes it possible for the use of antibiotic medicines in organic dairy cows although the US does not.
  • Fat Blend: Kendamil Organic First utilizes a blend of fats from complete milk fat and sunflower, coconut, and rapeseed oils, although Bobbie utilizes safflower, sunflower, soy, and coconut oils.
  • Type Of Milk: Kendamil utilizes complete milk although Bobbie utilizes nonfat milk.
  • HMOs: Kendamil Organic First consists of Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMOs – a prebiotic) and Bobbie does not.
  • Price: Kendmail Organic is more affordable than Bobbie Organic Formula, Kendamil Organic is $1.41 per oz, although Bobbie formula is $1.74 per oz.

Kendamil vs. Bobbie FAQs


The essential variations involving Bobbie and Kendamil are:
** Bobbie and Kendamil Organic are USDA certified organic, but Kendamil classic is not
** Bobbie and Kendamil each mimic the whey:casein ratio of breastmilk
** Kendamil delivers stages of their formulas, although Bobbie does not
** Kendamil consists of HMOs, although Bobbie does not
** All formulas include the optimal mixture of vitamins, minerals, DHA and ARA for your kid and meet US Market nutritional specifications.
** All formulas are FDA regulated
** All formulas can be identified in the formula aisle at Target retailers, as nicely as on the net at and on their personal web sites.
** Kendamil Classic is more affordable than Bobbie Formula, and although it is not organic, it can be a great option for a more spending budget friendly choice

Note: Parents really should often go over any formula adjustments with their pediatrician. In addition, often refer to the manufacturer’s web site for the most up-to-date and correct solution information and facts.


Honestly, I feel all 3 formulas are wonderful selections for infant formula for your child. Kendamil Classic is not organic, so I’d say it is a step under the other two. But Bobbie Organic and Kendamil Organic are two of the ideal organic child formulas on the market place today. There are slight variations involving these two formulas – and it all comes down to individual preference in terms of which a single you feel could work ideal for your child!


When hunting for the ideal child formula for your kid, attempt to obtain a formula that is:
1) Organic and Non GMO (numerous non-organic formulas will have GMO components)
2) Contains DHA & ARA
3) Has no added sugars, syrup solids or maltodextrin
4) Contains no added preservatives, no stabilizers, no synthetic components

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In Conclusion: Our Formula Recommendation 

Kendamil and Bobbie each give an organic European-style child formula choice, even though Kendamil Classic First is not organic. All formulas reviewed in this post meet FDA specifications for infant formula and include all the essential vitamins and minerals for infant development and improvement.

Both brands are readily available at Target and on Bobbie is also readily available through subscription service, creating it really hassle-free for parents to obtain formula on their doorstep month soon after month.

Bobbie remains the only US, European-style organic baby formula and is a wonderful choice for new parents. You truly can not go incorrect when selecting involving Bobbie and Kendamil Organic. As often, make positive to evaluation any doable formula adjustments with your infant’s pediatrician prior to introducing a new formula!

I hope this Bobbie vs. Kendamil comparison guide helped you recognize the variations involving Bobbie and Kendamil, and obtain the appropriate option for your child! If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment under – I respond to just about every single query I get!

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