Best Baby Cereal Brands: 2021 Parent Guide

Best Baby Cereal Brands: 2021 Parent Guide

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When your child reaches 4-6 months of age, you may well take into account introducing cereal as your baby’s 1st meals. Cereal is a logical option due to the fact a lot of of them are iron-fortified, a important nutrient for child, and cereals are low danger when it comes to allergens. However, there are a lot of various child cereals on the market place, and not all are produced equal. It can be confusing to figure out what the most effective child cereal may possibly be for your youngster! That’s exactly where this post comes in. In this post I outline the most effective child cereal brands, as nicely as answer all of your inquiries about the kinds of child cereal, which is the most effective, and the prospective rewards and dangers of beginning with this 1st strong meals.

Baby Cereals: Happy Baby, Kabrita, Wutsup, Holle.

Benefits Of Baby Cereal

High in Fiber and Essential Nutrients: Depending on the form of cereal you select for your child, you are giving them with a enhance of fiber and nutrients. Many cereals are fortified with iron and other vitamins. Whole grains are also an exceptional supply of fiber, and oats in unique are an exceptional supply of magnesium and zinc.

Easily Digestible: When giving child with their 1st meals, you want to select a thing that is gentle on their tummy. Baby cereals created with a single grain are very easily digestible, and support child really feel fuller longer, whilst stopping gas.

Blends Easily With Other Foods: Blend your child cereals with breast milk, child formulas, or easy vegetable or fruit purees for added nutritional worth. This is a easy way to introduce new foods to child.

Prevents Constipation: When child begins new foods, they may well expertise constipation as their tummies get used to new foods. Most child cereal is wealthy in fiber which assists relieve constipation.

Boost Immune System: Some kinds of child cereals are excellent sources of protein, such as oats. Oats include beta-glucan that support enhance infection-fighting blood cells. It also contains selenium and zinc, two crucial nutrients for warding off infection and boosting baby’s immune method.

Types Of Baby Cereal

  • Rice: While this was traditionally utilized as the 1st meals for babies, these single-grain cereals are now a thing you really should limit or keep away from with your child, due to wellness issues concerning the arsenic levels identified in these cereals. Rice cereal is also quite restricted nutritionally, so it is not a excellent option unless your pediatrician especially asks you to begin with rice cereal due to concern more than allergic reactions to other grains.
  • Oatmeal: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, oatmeal cereal is a safer option than rice cereal for babies 1st strong meals. It is also gentle on your baby’s tummy, and gluten-totally free, and allergen friendly. Gluten-totally free oatmeal can be a excellent choice for babies with celiac illness as nicely.
  • Millet: Another gluten totally free choice, millet is created from the seeds of some kinds of grasses. It is nutritious with vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, and a excellent supply of protein. It’s also very easily digestible and much less allergenic than other foods.
  • Quinoa: A higher protein seed that is packed with nutrients and higher in protein. It has a a complete amino acid profile which means that it consists of all of the amino acids necessary for your body in one particular meals supply. It’s also gluten-totally free, and much less allergenic.
  • Spelt: A kind of wheat, this grain is not gluten-totally free, and can trigger issues for babies that potentially have a gluten allergy. It’s very easily digestible for these with no a gluten allergy.
  • Barley: Barley is packed with important vitamins and minerals like magnesium, protein and folate. Its higher amounts of calcium can support strengthen bones as your child grows, defend organs (like the liver) and enhance immunity. This entire grain is gluten-totally free.
  • Semolina: A form of grain created from durum wheat. It has a golden colour, and a fine texture. It is not gluten-totally free, but is very easily digestible for these that do not have a gluten sensitivity. It’s a excellent supply of folate, protein, and iron.
  • Multi-Grain (Oats, Spelt, Barley): Some cereal brands make multi-grain cereals. These use a mixture of the grains above.

Why Is Rice Cereal Bad For Baby?

Rice cereal was extensively utilized as the 1st strong meals introduced to babies. However, in current years there have been issues about the levels of arsenic in child rice cereal, and the security of giving this meals to infants.

In 2012, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) warned about higher levels of inorganic arsenic in rice and rice solutions. In higher doses, arsenic can be lethal, and in little doses it can harm the brain, nerves, blood vessels, skin, and improve the danger of birth defects and cancer. Both white rice and brown rice include arsenic, with brown rice possessing larger concentrations.

The FDA’s concern is that research have shown babies exposed to inorganic arsenic, like exposures just before they are born, have a larger danger of understanding issues. The infant and toddler rice cereals tested by the FDA had an typical arsenic content of 103 ppb. Products created from brown rice are especially higher in arsenic.

As a outcome, the FDA and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) have set forth recommendations with regard to the quantity of rice cereal to give to child, even if you are utilizing organic rice cereal.

FDA and AAP Recommendations for Cereal &amp Rice Cereal

  1. Babies want only breast milk or infant formula till 4 to 6 months of age.
  2. Babies and toddlers really should have varied grains in their diet regime. Do not rely on rice cereal only as their grain. In addition, as parents be conscious of other foods they may well be having rice from such as puffs.
  3. If pregnant, differ the kinds of grains you are consuming, and limit the quantity of rice you consume.
  4. If preparing rice, cook it in 6-10 components water, per 1 aspect rice. Then drain the excess water. Cooking it in this way will decrease the arsenic levels by 40-60%.
  5. Limit your infant’s rice cereal intake to no more than 1/4 cup per day.

Top 5 Tips To Find The Best Baby Cereals

Fortified With Iron

Babies at six months of age want more iron, due to the fact their iron shops will lower about 6 months of age. This is specifically accurate for babies who are exclusively breast fed, because some child formulas are fortified with iron. When picking a child cereal, take a appear at the iron content. Many cereals are naturally a excellent supply of iron.

Organic Baby Cereal

Always purchase organic solutions and organic child meals when doable. There are a lot of organic child cereal selections offered. Organic child cereals have much less to no dangerous pesticides. The EU has larger requirements when it comes to organic farming, nevertheless, shopping for organic, even when created in the United States is a safer option. Infants are more very susceptible to the potentially dangerous effects of pesticides in their foods due to the fact they are so little.


This suggests that your cereal does not incorporate any genetically modified components. The extended term effects of consuming foods created with GMOs are unknown. Therefore, it is a excellent concept to remain away from them. In addition, GMOs improve weeds, and as a result lead to enhanced use and more dangerous synthetic pesticides, which leads to other wellness issues.

Variety of Nutrients

Look for a cereal that offers your infant with a assortment of nutrients. If you are picking an organic, non-GMO, easy grain, that has one particular single ingredient, you are giving your youngster with varied nutrients such as iron, folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin E, protein, and other vitamins and nutrients. While all cereals have vitamins, they do not all have the very same vitamins. Consider giving your infant with a assortment of various cereals right after they get used to one particular.

Simple Ingredients

Before shopping for any cereal, appear at the ingredient label. Make positive that there are no artificial flavors, artificial colors, added fats, sugars, or added salts. Choose a cereal with easy components. Single grain cereals are most effective to begin with, and then as child gets used to these, you can take into account a multi-grain cereal. Most cereals really should have only one particular ingredient, or a couple of if it is a multi-grain cereal.


While not essential, you may well want to take into account beginning your child with a gluten-totally free cereal to keep away from an allergic reaction. While not all babies will have an allergen to gluten, it is most effective to give them a thing that will be more gentle on their digestive track.

Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Foods

As described above, you really should not introduce any form of strong foods to your youngster just before the age of 4 months, and you may well want to wait longer to be positive they are prepared and can tolerate the new meals. Here are the the indicators that your child is prepared for strong foods.

  • Baby has excellent head and neck handle.
  • Can sit up on their personal.
  • Lost the tongue thrust reflex. Does not automatically push foods out with their tongue.
  • Baby has created their “pincer” grasp, can choose up meals with thumb and forefinger.
  • Shows interest in meals when you are consuming, and reaches out to grab meals.

Baby Cereal FAQs

When really should you begin child on cereal?

You really should begin your child on cereal no earlier than 4 months. You can also wait till 6 months with no any dangerous effects, as extended as your child is having an iron supplement from someplace else, such as formula, or iron drops if your child is breast fed.

What is the most effective cereal for babies?

The most effective option of cereal for child consists of these that are effortless on baby’s digestion, totally free of frequent allergens, organic, non-GMO, and totally free of added artificial components, fats, or sugars. Infant foods such as oatmeal is a excellent option. It is gluten-totally free, allergen friendly, a excellent supply of protein, iron, and other vitamins, and gently on babies tummy. Other cereals to take into account are millet, barley, spelt, or quinoa.

Should child cereal be an infant’s 1st meals?

Fortified child cereal is frequently introduced as a 1st meals in baby’s diet regime due to the fact it is gentle on the tummy, bland, much less most likely to trigger allergic reactions, effortless to prepare, and effortless for child to consume. It’s also a excellent supply of nutrients such as fiber, protein, and other vitamins and minerals.

Can I skip cereal and go proper to child meals purees?

Yes! You do not want to feed your child cereal if you do not want to. You can go proper to foods like vegetables and other child foods if you favor. Providing your child with super foods such as blueberries, and avocado will give them lots of nutrients. Just be positive that you monitor your baby’s iron levels, and supplement with iron fortified foods, or drops if necessary.

How substantially cereal really should I be providing my child?

When you are 1st beginning out on solids, just a small bit of cereal a day really should be adequate for your child. I propose a tablespoon of dry cereal a day when you introduce solids, and you can improve from there. The quantity of cereal you use will rely on your baby’s age. But in basic, I propose sticking to fruits, veggies, entire grains and lean protein – so you most likely will not want more than 4-5 tablespoons of cereal per day when your child has completely transitioned to strong foods.

Why really should you not place cereal in a child bottle?

For years it was believed that placing cereal in your baby’s bottle would support them sleep longer by way of the evening. However, current research have shown that there is no correlation among feeding your youngster cereal in their bottle, and sleeping longer. Not only is this ineffective, but it also increases their danger of choking. In addition, adding cereal to your babies bottle tends to make it thicker. This can then trigger some confusion for your child when you introduce strong foods, creating it hard for them to distinguish a distinction among liquids and solids, and as a result creating it more hard for you to introduce new strong foods to your child.

Why does rice cereal include arsenic?

Rice cereal has arsenic due to the fact of the way that is grown. Rice naturally more susceptible to absorbing arsenic from the soil in which it is grown, and due to the fact it is grown in water. The inorganic arsenic in pesticides runs off and stays in the water in which the rice is grown, and the rice then absorbs the arsenic.

Happy baby in high chair eating oat cereal.

Top 10 Best Baby Cereal Brands

I propose shopping for organic child cereal anytime doable — to decrease the danger of injecting dangerous pesticides. All of the brands on this list make organic child cereal!

Holle Organic Oatmeal

Holle oatmeal box.

This European brand is created utilizing entire grains, which are very easily digestible. Suitable for babies 4 months and up. The organic entire grain oats utilized in Holle porridges are cautiously chosen for the most effective excellent. This cereal consists of only two components: wholegrain oat flour, vitamin B1.

Follows higher European organic requirements

Not offered in most grocery shops or massive box shops in the United States

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Holle Organic Millet Porridge

Holle Millet cereal box.

Holle Millet Cereal is a higher excellent European brand that offers a excellent, cautiously chosen grains. This cereal has only two components: entire grain millet flour* one hundred%, Vitamin B1. It is a excellent supply of vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

Does NOT include Brown rice syrup, DHA-ARA, or fluoride

Follows higher European Standards

Not offered in most shops in the United States

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Holle Organic Spelt Porridge

Holle Spelt Cereal box.

This spelt flour cereal by the European brand, Holle, is created with two easy components: wholegrain spelt flour, and vitamin B1. Holle cautiously selects their grains, and tends to make positive that they meet the highest organic requirements in Europe.

Follows higher European requirements

Not offered in most shops in the United States

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Holle Organic Rice Porridge

Holle rice cereal box.

If deciding to use a rice cereal with your infant, the most effective rice cereal to select is Holle. It is created with the highest requirements, and as a result has the lowest arsenic levels. However, be conscious that rice child cereal is nevertheless potentially dangerous in substantial quantities, and really should be restricted. If picking to use a rice cereal with your infant, be positive to use other cereals as nicely, and limit rice to no more than 1/4 cup per day.

Follows higher organic European requirements

This is a rice cereal, so there is prospective danger of arsenic exposure, be positive to limit to no more than 1/4 cup per day.

Not offered in most shops in the United States

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Kabrita Organic Multigrain Porridge

Kabrita milk porridge bag.

Made in the Netherlands, Kabrita is a nutrient dense cereal created with a mixture of organic oats, goat’s milk, organic rice flakes, organic spelt flour, and organic buckwheat flour. This gluten-totally free mixture of oats and goat’s milk offers a nutrient dense cereal. All you want to do as add water.

Good supply of fat and protein

Contains goat’s milk (which you may well or may well not want in your cereal)

Must purchase on the internet, as it is not effortless to obtain in shops in the United States

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Wutsup Baby Organic Quinoa Baby Cereal (Original)

Box of wutsup original baby cereal.

Wutsup Baby Food is a enterprise that makes use of quinoa to provide a nutrient wealthy child cereal. The higher excellent organic quinoa powder they use offers your child with a comprehensive amino acid profile, which means that your youngster is having a comprehensive protein. In addition, it is wealthy in fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, folate, copper, iron, zinc, and potassium. With only 3 components: quinoa flour, apples, and bananas.

No added artificial sugars

Good supply of protein, vitamins, and minerals

Made in the United States

Has added organic banana and apple (this adds some organic sugars)

May be hard to obtain in some locations of the United States

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Wutsup Baby Organic Quinoa Cereal with Sweet Potato + Kale

Box of Wutsup Cereal with Kale and Sweet Potato.

Wutsup Baby Food is a enterprise that makes use of quinoa to provide a nutrient wealthy child cereal. The higher excellent organic quinoa powder they use offers your child with a comprehensive amino acid profile, which means that your youngster is having a comprehensive protein. In addition, it is wealthy in fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, folate, copper, iron, zinc, and potassium. This form has added kale and sweet potato which adds to the nutrient profile. With only 3 components: quinoa flour, kale, and sweet potato.

Good supply of protein, vitamins, and minerals

Made in the United States

Has added vegetables, so if you are seeking for only a grain, this is not the most effective choice.

May be hard to obtain in shops.

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Wutsup Baby Organic Quinoa Cereal with Apple + Banana

Wutsup cereal with apples and banana.

Wutsup Baby Food is a enterprise that makes use of quinoa to provide a nutrient wealthy child cereal. The higher excellent organic quinoa powder they use offers your child with a comprehensive amino acid profile, which means that your youngster is having a comprehensive protein. In addition, it is wealthy in fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, folate, copper, iron, zinc, and potassium. This form has added apple and banana. With only 3 components: quinoa flour, apple, and banana.

No added artificial sugars

Made in the United States

Has added fruit, which adds some organic sugars.

May be hard to obtain in shops

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Happy Baby Oatmeal Baby Cereal

Bag of Happy Baby Oatmeal cereal.

Made with organic oats, vitamin C and iron that assists help baby’s brain improvement, the smooth texture of this organic, entire grain cereal is a excellent 1st meals for child. Easy to prepare, and gentile on babies tummy.

Easy to obtain in most grocery shops and massive box shops

Meets organic requirements of the United States, but these are not as higher as Europe

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Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Rolled Oats

Bag of Terrasoul oats.

With easy components, like organic gluten-totally free oats, you can very easily make your personal oats for child at a substantially far better price, and in 3 effortless methods.

  1. Grind the oats into a flour like consistency.
  2. Cook like you would normal oatmeal
  3. Freeze in 1 oz ice cube trays or serve promptly mixed with fruit purees, formula, or breastmilk).

Allergen Free (packaged in a facility totally free of tree nuts)

Takes some time and work to make your personal.

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Note: Earth’s Best organic infant cereal is a preferred option for child cereals, but due to the fact a lot of of Earth’s Best’s solutions and cereals tested high in heavy metals, I chose not to incorporate them in this list. Some of Happy Baby’s child meals tested higher in heavy metals, but their cereal appears to be ok (which is why they are on this list!)

I hope this guide to organic child cereal has answered your inquiries, and helped you make an informed option about the form of cereal you’d like to begin your child on.

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