Back to School Science Essentials

Back to School Science Essentials

Is your science classroom or lab prepared to go for the starting of the college year rush? School Specialty has every thing you will need for all branches of science. We’re prepared to furnish your lab with back to college science classics, not to mention new and updated products to set students on paths of discovery. Here are our recommendations to get you began!


Periodic Table of Elements

Is your periodic table of components existing? Make confident your table is often up to date with our choice, plus uncover a quantity of kits and sources to add additional study components to the classroom.

Chemistry Experiment Kits

Finding all the supplies you will need for demonstrations and experiments can be frustrating. So why not let us do the work for you? These kits are curated and prepared to go!

STEM investigation kit for designing a water filter

Biology and Life Science

Plant Science

Whether it is complete-fledged farming or hobby gardening, it is by no means also early to begin teaching this useful trade. We’ve got seeds and soil, kits and supplemental curriculum, and lots of measurement tools and informational posters to develop their abilities!


If you want your students ahead of the game, pique their interest in biotechnology with these kits and gear. Unlock the secrets of DNA making use of colorful models and in-depth testing supplies.

hydroponics kit for growing without soil
electrophoresis science lab kit

Earth and Environmental Science


From the rocks and minerals in the ground to the water we drink, you will uncover what you will need for engaging curriculum assistance in all earth sciences.

Weather and Climate

Did you know lightning strikes 44 instances per second someplace on Earth? Imagine all the cool wisdom you can provide to young student scientists as they conduct climate and climate investigations.

Astronomy and Space

Need a showstopper to get students engaged to begin the year? How about a grand finale to close out the semester? It’s difficult to match the awe and inspiration that comes from studying the stars.

Back to School Science is more than this!

You’re appropriate, we missed a couple of, or a lot, and we deeply apologize for that error. I imply, we by no means even got to speak about robots! But worry not, as all of our science category pages are there to help with locating supplies to make a robust back to college science strategy in any scientific branch.

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