Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When You Write a Gratitude List

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Write down a single to 3 items you are grateful for. Now make a note of how you felt when you wrote these items down.

Did you really feel excitement? Love? Joy? Or did you really feel practically nothing? Like, “Meh these are the things that I have and I’m grateful for them.”

I enjoy gratitude lists. They are uncomplicated and swift – creating them a wonderful start off to creating a journaling practice.

They’re a wonderful way to show you what you have in your life to be grateful for. They are a stunning way to lift your spirits throughout tough occasions and maintain your spirits lifted beyond these occasions.

Gratitude lists are a stunning way to connect with your power and raise your vibration to obtain even more abundance in your life. They are the gateway to a heart-led life.

But only if they are practiced effectively . . .

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Here Are 3 Common Mistakes You Might Make When Writing a Gratitude List:


1. You Write Down General Things

One of the most popular blunders when writing gratitude lists is writing down common items. This implies items like possessing slow mornings, possessing meals on the table, a roof more than your head, sipping your coffee gradually as the sun rises, and so forth.

These are definitely items to be grateful for, but they are also items that you probably have and do each day.

There is one thing new in each day so we really should create one thing new to be grateful for each day – one thing new to be inspired by.

The new items are the items that maintain our power moving and flowing. If we cease performing or finding out new items, if we cease adding entertaining to our days, our power stops flowing and becomes stagnant.

Over time, writing down common items becomes monotonous and the joy you when felt about the stunning items in your life diminishes.

2. You Consider “Happiness” and “Gratitude” to Be the Same Thing

It has been shown that writing gratitude lists can make you happier.

When we create gratitude lists, we have a tendency to focus on writing the items that make us content. But gratitude and happiness are not the similar point. Happiness is a joyful feeling, feeling great and content, and becoming conscious of feeling. Gratitude is displaying and feeling appreciation for items.

You can be grateful for items that didn’t or do not make you content.

The complicated occasions, the tough lessons – we can be grateful for these as well. While it is complicated to be grateful for these occasions in the moment, possibilities are these occasions lead to one thing incredible that drastically changed your life for the improved.

Even although it sucked, becoming grateful for these occasions and these lessons is a stunning way to expand your power and show the universe you can manage something that comes your way!

When you are writing your gratitude list, make positive you are writing a list of items you are truly grateful for, not a list of items that make you content (even though this is also a wonderful list to have!).

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3. You Bypass the Hard Stuff

So frequently we create out a gratitude list and then say “I wrote out my list, why aren’t I happier?”

Gratitude lists are not a type of emotional release. And that is okay. That’s not what their goal is.

The goal of a gratitude list is to show you the items, individuals, areas, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences you have in your life that you can appreciate. But at times we use gratitude lists as a way to bypass the items we’re feeling.

For instance: You got fired from your job and you are feeling angry about it, but you create it on your gratitude list as one thing you are grateful for simply because you hated that job and wanted out anyway.

Writing this encounter down on your gratitude list will not release the anger. It can assist you shift your power and point of view about the scenario, but you have to go the additional step to release that anger.

We do this simply because we have this notion that we can only really feel a single point at a time so we select the point that we believe is going to make us really feel improved. We select gratitude more than anger.

When we do this, we do not really feel grateful or content right after writing our gratitude list simply because we are nonetheless holding on to the feelings and thoughts that do not serve us.

Writing a gratitude list does not let you to bypass feelings, so if you are not feeling improved right after some time practicing gratitude, ask oneself what you are holding on to.

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Here’s How You Should Write Your Gratitude List

Here’s how you know if you are finding the most out of your practice: Energy.

Go back to the gratitude list you wrote at the starting of this post. How did you really feel when you have been writing it?

The items you are grateful for really should elicit an emotion.

For instance, let’s say you are grateful for your morning cup of coffee on the deck overlooking the fields of flowers. That is one thing to be grateful for, for positive!

But if you create that down each day, you are probably going to cease possessing an emotional reaction to it as you create it down. It does not imply that you are not grateful for it or that you do not take pleasure in it any longer.

But when we’re writing a gratitude list with no emotion, we will not really feel gratitude in a massive energetic way.

Gratitude is all about your power. It’s the energetic match of abundance and flow. When we’re grateful for what we have, we attract more.

The purpose of a gratitude list is to fill your heart and thoughts with appreciation and enjoy. Writing your gratitude list really should fill you with so a lot emotion and power, you could burst!

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The Takeaway on Writing Gratitude Lists

The universe responds to power. So when we’re sitting in the power of “I am so grateful for all that I have,” “I am so grateful for all that I am,” and “I am so grateful for all that I’m moving through and all that is coming my way,” we get in touch with more of that into our lives.

As you create your gratitude list, do it with intention. Sit with the feelings and thoughts that come up as you create your list. Writing in gratitude really should make you really feel, really should shift your mindset, and make you really feel effective and loved beyond belief.

The power in your gratitude list really should awaken your soul.

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