Asthma & Sports – Managing Your Athlete’s Symptoms | MomDocs

Asthma & Sports – Managing Your Athlete’s Symptoms | MomDocs

A common question among parents of children with asthma is if their kids can play sports. The answer is a resounding yes!Our job, as your child’s healthcare professionals, is to ensure that their symptoms are managed appropriately. This will ensure they can participate in any and all sports that they would like. That being said, every child is different, as are their symptoms and triggers. Because of this, it is important to make sure to tailor your plan to your child’s specific needs.

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In some children, exercise is not an asthma trigger, while in other children it is their only trigger. Make sure you talk to your child and identify if they are experiencing asthma symptoms while at recess, in gym class, or while playing sports. This will allow you to have as much understanding of your child’s unique needs as possible. For example, if your child is consistently experiencing asthma symptoms while physically active, your pediatrician or pulmonologist may recommend that they use their inhaler before beginning any exercise in order to prevent symptoms.

Your child’s doctors can also help you create a rescue plan for any symptoms that may occur during exercise. You’ll want to carry this plan with you, and share with your child, their school, and sports coaches. Essentially anyone who may need to assist your child if they experience severe asthma symptoms while under their watch. Our goal is not to limit any physical activity, but rather to come up with a treatment plan that allows your child to live a normal life as much as possible.

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