Action Art for Kids: Try Painting with a Drill & Brush!

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Action art is a mixture of two items youngsters definitely appreciate to do: MOVE and Make. Try painting with a drill as a super entertaining procedure art activity for youngsters

Many of you know how beloved and influential MaryAnn Kohl and her books are to me. She played an essential part in my life and artful parenting extended prior to I met her or interviewed her on The Artful Parent (and once more and once more)

The 1st art activities I ever did with youngsters came from her books. Her positive method, encouraging attitude, and excitement about youngsters art are infectious.

“Process art is vital to child development.”

MaryAnn F. Kohl

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Barbara Zaborowski could not be as extensively recognized in the kids’ art field, but she is the one particular we would all want as our children’s preschool teacher. Someone who is enthusiastic, who embraces experimentation, and who is not afraid of a small mess in the name of entertaining and mastering.

(If you’d like to know more about her method to kids’ art and early childhood education, you can study my interview with Barbara right here.)

MaryAnn Kohl and Barbara Zaborowski cowrote a amazing book known as Action Art: Hands-On Active Art Adventures all about, nicely, you likely guessed it: Action Art!

Here’s a video displaying Action Art for Kids. And do not neglect to scroll down for even more fantastic suggestions.

Action Art for Kids

At the Artful Parent, we appreciate Action Art for so quite a few causes and this book is bursting at the seams with entertaining art suggestions for youngsters. Everything from art hockey and pounding paint to snap painting and dancing blottos. And most use art supplies you currently have at house.

“Action art! Art in Action! This is the best of childhood, right here – a combination of two things kids really love to do: MOVE and CREATE. MaryAnn’s art books have guided us for years now and this one with Barbara Zaborowski is truly inspiring. I’m so excited about these active art ideas!”

Jean Van’t Hul

These art activity suggestions would be super entertaining for youngsters, irrespective of whether at house or in a college or camp setting, with a single kid, an art playdate with a pal, or as a group party activity.

Splat Painting with Kids in Action

“We all know that children prefer to be active, and action art incorporates the child’s need for activity with the always important need for creativity. The art experiences are based on the philosophy that children will learn from the process of creating, and that the finished product is the result of that process, not the goal.” – MaryAnn Kohl and Barbara Zaborowski

drill painting

Drill Painting for Kids

Oh my goodness! My youngsters had SO a lot entertaining with this electric drill painting activity!

I inserted a paint brush in our electric drill, exactly where the drill bit generally goes, and the youngsters went to town, dipping the brush in paint then squeezing the drill deal with and painting with the rotating paint brush.

As with all the suggestions in the book, this one particular integrated variations and more suggestions to discover, which we absolutely will.

“Repeat art activities often to build skills, techniques, and confidence.”

child drill painting

Ready to attempt this with your youngsters?

I extremely advocate this book to parents, teachers, caregivers, and camps. And absolutely any person who is taking into consideration throwing an art party. 🙂

Have entertaining!

spin art is fun action art

More Action Art Ideas for Kids

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Action Art for Kids: Try Painting with a Drill & Brush!

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