A Flower Suncatcher Craft for Kids

A Flower Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Here’s a video displaying Nature Suncatchers in action! And hold scrolling to see how ours turned out, as nicely as some other tips for suncatchers for youngsters.

A Flower Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Recently, we produced our favored flower suncatchers once more, employing paper plates as the frames (it just performs so nicely!) and strung them into a garland to hang across the window.


But the very best portion was what we did differently this time. We used the flowers and leaves to make faces, birds, butterflies, and more.

After Maia produced a flower fairy on 1 of the Easter egg suncatchers this previous spring, it was only organic that we’d want to revisit the thought.

We all completely enjoyed using the colors, patterns, and shapes of the flower petals and leaves to make entertaining photos to hang in the window. And I’m considering we’ll have to attempt our hand at these once more quickly with Autumn leaves and flowers.

I wrote up a whole tutorial for you on how to make this flower suncatcher craft and garland (with lots of pictures!) more than on Let’s Lasso the Moon, my pal Zina’s web site.

I encourage you to go verify it out!


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