9 Easy Halloween Costumes for Teachers

9 Easy Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Whether it’s a faculty collaboration or a lone wolf operation, these 9 Halloween costumes for teachers will get all the awws and groans from your students and colleagues. As always, Pinterest is a gold mine for costume ideas, so check out our favorite school-themed ideas. If you like an idea, click on the image and we’ll send you to the Pin page.

If you’re looking for a wide range of options, the fields of science are full of punny goodness. After all, Halloween and science puns go together like pumpkin and pi! *groans* Sorry, recalculating…

Google Maps

Mad Scientist

mad scientist halloween costume

If you’re that one teacher always correcting grammar, now you can lean into it (for one day only) and bust out the official uniform! Or transform into that most magical of creatures by covering yourself in books and pages.

Grammar Police

Book Fairy

grammar police halloween costume
book fairy teacher costume

Looking for a group idea? Showcase some classroom supplies with these fun creations. Bring it all together with a classroom rock-paper-scissors event!

Crayon Box

Rock Paper Scissors

teachers dressed as crayons for halloween
teachers dressed as rock, paper, and scissors

Speaking of showcase, see if your art teacher has some gold paint laying around and get some colleagues together to become a living trophy case. If you’re on a solo mission, be the best trophy around as the winner of the Spelling Bee!

trophy case group halloween costume idea
spelling bee costume

It’s our favorite superheroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Teachers! Heroes-with-a-class-bell, teacher power! Add another layer of fun by throwing a class pizza party. Cowabunga!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Teachers

teachers dressed as teenage mutant ninja turtles for halloween

How do you celebrate Halloween in your classroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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