9 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude With Yoga

Practicing Gratitude With Yoga — Yoga & Meditation

Gratitude is a effective positive emotion that can be effortlessly cultivated via day-to-day practice. It’s been shown to strengthen mood, reduce depression, strengthen relationships, and lower pressure. In reality, analysis shows that practicing gratitude can lead to an all round happier, healthier, and longer life. There are quite a few techniques to practice gratitude in day-to-day life—jotting down your thoughts in a gratitude journal, writing a gratitude letter to a person you’d like to thank, or generating a gratitude jar to fill with tiny notes of appreciation. One of the most effective techniques to reap all of these remarkable rewards is integrating gratitude into your yoga practice.

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is the act of expressing appreciation and thankfulness towards some thing or a person in your life. Feeling this emotion affirms the goodness that surrounds us and recognizes and appreciates the supply of this goodness. It is a all-natural human emotion that arises spontaneously, however it can also be actively invoked, discovered and strengthened.

Why is practicing gratitude critical?

When we are grateful, we are in a position to let go of the damaging thoughts and feelings that hold us stuck in the previous or fearful of the future. When we really feel grateful, we really feel great inside and our happiness levels boost. When we combine a gratitude practice with yoga, we study how to cultivate positive feelings and well-being on and off our yoga mats. By focusing on gratitude even though holding complicated yoga poses, we study to appear beyond our complications and challenges and focus on the great points in the present moment.

How yoga aids with gratitude

The practice of gratitude yoga is a fantastic way to cultivate a positive state of thoughts. In gratitude yoga, you will study to express gratitude towards other people and your self. You will study to appreciate all elements of your life, which includes your relationships, work, household, residence, and neighborhood.

Besides cultivating a state of gratefulness, practicing gratitude yoga can also aid you create a deeper sense of inner peace and a higher capability to persevere via challenges and difficulty.

Nine rewards of gratitude yoga

  1. Gratitude yoga aids us be more grateful. When we practice gratitude yoga poses and include things like thankfulness and appreciation in our yoga practice, we generate a effective feedback loop that reinforces our expression and experience of gratitude. The more we practice, the much easier it gets, and the more probably it will develop into a day-to-day habit.
  2. It tends to make you happier and improves your mood. A day-to-day gratitude practice has been shown to strengthen all round mood and mental well being. Research has located that participants who practiced gratitude had greater self-esteem, less anxiety, more optimism, and greater levels of power than these who did not practice gratitude. When we really feel grateful, we expertise a mood shift towards joy and happiness. We develop into conscious of the great points about us and commence to notice the tiny points that make us content.
  3. It improves your relationships and aids you appreciate other people.
    Gratitude yoga aids us create an appreciation for life and these about us. We study how to accept ourselves and other people for who they are and how they contribute to our lives. We develop into more conscious of the positive elements of our lives and study to appreciate the points we have rather of usually seeking for more. The expression of gratitude is infectious, and will encourage other grateful folks to be drawn into your social circle.
  4. It can aid you shed weight. Gratitude yoga aids you shed weight due to the fact it tends to make you really feel great about your self and improves your life satisfaction. When you really feel self like and cultivate positive feelings, you naturally consume healthier foods and take greater care of your self. It also aids you appreciate your food and slows down your consuming which prevents more than consuming.
  5. It tends to make you healthier and can aid you live longer. Gratitude yoga aids you live longer due to the fact it teaches you how to cultivate a positive attitude. When you assume positively, you are more likely to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. You obtain that you can manage life’s challenges more effortlessly. You will have fewer pressure-associated illnesses, such as higher blood stress, heart illness, diabetes, and cancer. A regular gratitude practice not only improves our mental well being but also our physical well being. Studies show that folks who often practice gratitude have reduce blood stress, lowered pressure hormones, greater sleep, and enhanced immune function.
  6. It tends to make you calmer and reduces pressure. Gratitude yoga teaches you how to live in the present moment. When you are mindful of the present moment, you are not caught up in previous regrets, future worries, or the stressful demands of the day. Instead, you are completely engaged in the right here and now. The positive feelings of gratefulness are naturally calming and soothing and place our minds at ease.
  7. It can make you more inventive and more productive. Gratitude yoga teaches us how to appear beyond the damaging and obtain the positive in any scenario. When we are grateful, we are in a position to appreciate and notice every little thing about us. Our viewpoint alterations. We develop into more mindful and begin to notice points that we could possibly otherwise miss. We commence to really feel more positive and optimistic. We commence to assume differently. We commence to generate new tips and options. It provides us a sense of wonder and awe.
  8. It can strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem. Gratitude aids us really feel greater about ourselves. If we have a positive attitude toward life, then we will naturally attract more positive experiences into our lives. Gratitude can develop into a state of thoughts exactly where we see all elements of life as blessings and possibilities to develop and study. Looking at the globe about you via a lens of gratefulness delivers the confidence and self-esteem to lean into complicated conditions.
  9. It tends to make you a greater yogi. Gratitude yoga aids us to develop into greater human beings due to the fact it aids  you create compassion, like, and kindness towards your self and other people. It aids you see the great in absolutely everyone and every little thing about you. It aids you develop into more accepting and much less judgmental of your self and other people.


A constant yoga practice has been shown to boost feelings of gratitude, generosity, compassion, and empathy. Besides getting a fantastic pressure reliever, yoga increases the awareness of our thoughts and feelings. We study to observe how we react to conditions, whether or not great or terrible. By becoming more conscious of our actions, we acquire insight into ourselves and how we relate to other people. These rewards naturally reinforce the rewards of practicing gratitude.

The practice of gratitude is a essential ingredient in our spiritual journey. Gratitude yoga aids us to appreciate the present moment and live in the now. It provides us tools to strengthen the effects of gratitude and to strengthen our psychological well being. Combining gratitude workouts into a yoga practice is a synergistic way to remove toxic feelings and to reap various physical and mental well being rewards.

Ready to get began? Check out the finest gratitude yoga poses to practice and our collection of yoga for gratitude videos to commence experiencing the effective mixture of yoga and gratitude.

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