6 Fabulous and Free Morning Guided Meditation Videos

Morning Guided Meditation — Yoga & Meditation

If you have problems getting power and enthusiasm in the morning, you can use a guided meditation to wake you up and get you motivated for the day ahead. A excellent guided morning meditation can also assist you begin your day on a positive note and assist you get in the proper mindset to tackle the tasks ahead. If you want to begin your day with positive power, there are several totally free morning guided meditations on YouTube that you can attempt. We’ve rounded up some of the ideal totally free morning guided meditations to begin your day. If you want an even improved way to begin your day, you can also add a bit of morning yoga to your routine!

Guided Morning Meditation To Start Every Day Perfectly by Boho Beautiful Yoga

Cultivate a deep internal connection and discover the mental clarity to “set your day on the perfect track for success and fulfillment” in this mindfulness and affirmation primarily based meditation. This 10 minute morning guided meditation focuses on breathing, body sensations and feeling gratitude and other positive feelings. In the middle of the practice you are encouraged to focus and repeat the phrase “I am exactly where I need to be. I open myself to the universe and trust in the unfolding of my life.”

Morning Guided Meditation for Positive Energy and Motivation by Caren Baginski

You’ll be in excellent corporation with this video if you are a massive believer in morning meditation. Caren’s intention for her 10-minute morning guided meditation is to generate positive power and motivation and to “set yourself up for your day in a way that’s intentional and aligned with your spirit.” The practice starts with a focus on the breath, feeling positive feelings. The major focus in this practice is a body scan with visualization. For every body component, you are instructed to think about it getting filled with aliveness and positive power.

Meditation to Start Your Day by Yoga With Adriene

Use this easy and sweet all-levels mindful meditation to begin your day with a calm thoughts and a positive intention for the day. This 7-minute meditation starts with some fundamental information to get set up for the practice and then some deep breathing with gentle neck stretches. The rest of the practice continues the focus on the sound and feeling of diaphragmatic breathing to impact your mood and posture.

Morning Guided Meditation for Bliss &amp Mindfulness by Jessica Richburg

This 10-Minute practice starts with concentrating on the breath, and then moves into a mindful body scan that incorporates a sunrise visualization. The intention of this energizing meditation is to “help you wake up in the morning, connect with your body and start your day off on a positive note.”

Morning Meditation To Set Your Intention by Yoga with Kassandra

This meditation incorporates applying a hand mudra and a “3 word intention setting” technique. The video starts with various minutes of cleansing and mindful breathing, body awareness and letting go. The 10-minute practice then shifts into guiding you into setting a 3 word intention primarily based on what type of day you want to have physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Energizing, Grounding, and Centering Morning Meditation by YOGATX

This easy and newbie friendly morning meditation is developed to assist you wake up whilst feeling grounded and centered. The 10-minute practice starts by focusing on the breath move up and down your spine and then continues to refine and deepen your mindfulness on the sensations of the body and breath.

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