5 Necessities for Cold & Flu Season in the Classroom

5 Necessities for Cold & Flu Season in the Classroom

You know it’s coming every year, but with all the responsibilities piled on teachers, we know it can be difficult to cover all bases. Back to school activities take control and next thing you know you’re decorating for Halloween. This year, get ahead of the germs and keep yourself and students safe and healthy. Don’t worry, School Specialty has everything you need to prepare for cold and flu season in the classroom!

Hand Sanitizer

As great as it would be to always have a sink and soap nearby, it’s not realistic for most classrooms. Soap and water is still recommended after play time or when hands are visibly dirty. But readily available hand sanitizer is a good substitute for sneezy and sniffly students and teachers during important class time. The CDC recommends covering all surfaces of the hands and rubbing them together until dry, roughly 20 seconds.

Facial Tissue

The use of facial tissues is an important way to prevent the spread of germs. We touch our faces an average of 23 times per hour. Use a facial tissue any time you need to blow your nose, scratch or rub your eyes, or even adjust your glasses. This will help prevent the transfer of germs.

Disinfectant Spray & Sanitizing Wipes

Sometimes a sneeze slips away or a student leaves used facial tissue on their desk. Disinfectant and sanitizing sprays and wipes are a quick, easy way to prevent those germs from spreading. Some wipes are also great for electronics that get touched often, such as smart phones and tablets.

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Air Filters & Purifiers

If you have an air filtration system already in place, make sure you’re changing the air filter regularly. This will keep it working more efficiently. Air purifiers can help keep stuffy classrooms fresh and students and teachers more alert. Some air purifiers can remove up to 99.9% of air particles, including allergens and viruses.

Desk Shields

Keep a few desk shields or sneeze guards on hand and kept clean for quick use. Use them when needed during the peak of cold and flu season in the classroom. Combined with other cleanliness measures, they can add another layer of protection from the spread of sickness.

BONUS ITEM: Face Masks

When things get especially bad and it seems like sickness may be spreading through the school, face masks can be deployed quickly and easily to anyone with a cough or other symptoms of illness.

No single product or process will guarantee a fully healthy classroom throughout the sick season. But combining several tactics together can greatly increase the chances that you and your students will make it through safely. Our School Specialty website has everything you need to provide that protection, and the Schoolyard Blog is always here with more tips on keeping students healthy and learning!

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