5 Family Theme Party Ideas

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Here are some fun ideas for parties you can throw that are totally family friendly and not particularly partial to gender preferences (i.e., mermaids vs. an ocean theme), and fun for any age!

This can truly be a celebration for parents and kids alike. Ring in the season with other families and give them a fun send-off!

1. Seashells, Sharks, or Sailboats! Take a little of each or just focus on one when you’re planning this swimmingly good time.

2. Don’t forget the Legos at this gathering. In fact, use them as favors or decorations. Dress-up can be orange vests and hard hats or drawings and plans on the architecture side. Tonka Trucks work well for table decor.

Theme Party

3. Step right up to this colorful event! Can’t go wrong with red and white stripes, cotton candy, and balloons. Popcorn is also a versatile snack and prop.

4. There’s a space for everyone at this party! Props are best for this theme, and life-sized games are great to engage adults and kids alike. Treats shaped like game pieces can be as simple as Domino dots!

5. Get dressy for this masked event. Could double as a fancy version of Halloween, or you could use some of the decor for Oscars night. Creative disguises and dancing, can’t go wrong. Simple. Everyone wears a tiara or a mustache… or both! This could be fun for a gender reveal, engagement, wedding shower, or anniversary bash. Also another opportunity to use the mustaches from time period or lumberjack parties.

Do you have any fun ideas? Please share in the comments!

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