5 Creative Ideas for Kids Budget Party

5 Creative Ideas for Kids Budget Party

Many great kids’ birthday parties don’t require a heavy budget or expense. Some of the best kids’ birthday parties could be simple, and DIY celebrations. The trick is to think about the activities your child likes to do and then try to come up with birthday party ideas that can incorporate his interest.

Here are helpful tips for throwing a kids’ party on a budget.

Budget Party Tips

Have a celebration at school.
Ask your child’s teacher if you can bake some cookies/muffin and bring them to school. That way, you can avoid having to host a large, expensive party at home.

Invite a few friends.
If your child wants to have a few close pals over for some celebrating in addition to (or instead of) a classroom celebration, arrange a small mini party. Ask him to limit the number of kids to a small group—say four or five friends—and take everyone out to a movie and pizza.

Create and design your own birthday invitations
Making a personalized birthday invitation is a fun opportunity for your child to express her creativity and is a great way to save money.

Make your own fun.
Put on some music and have a freeze-dance or limbo contest in the living room. If the weather’s nice, set up a badminton net in the backyard or have an obstacle-course party.

Book a Virtual party
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