3 Simple Yet Profound Insights to Find Contentment in Life

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Ever come across that inspiration comes and goes, but under no circumstances sticks about? Wonder how to be content all round? Perhaps you have just found that uplifting post enlightening you to live cost-free, delighted, and steer clear of producing these widespread life errors.

After basking in the glow of these insights, you set off on your way. This operates for a even though, till . . . you come across oneself producing the identical old errors once again!

How can we ever evolve if we maintain falling back into our identical old rut?

What occurred?! More importantly, how can we ever evolve if we maintain falling back into our identical old rut?

Let’s examine 3 sensible recommendations to assistance you steer clear of this so you can discover how to be content in life. The initially two inspirations derive from the “Eight Realizations of a Bodhisattva Sutra,” a teaching of the Buddha. The final 1 comes from my heart to yours.

An Introduction to Buddhism, The Four Noble Truths, and The Eightfold Path

How to Be Content Tip #1: Learn That Your Beliefs Are Not Truth

The First Realization: “The mind is the source of unwholesomeness.”

Recognize That Your Beliefs Are Only Partial Truths

Imagine that, involving you and me, I hold up a flat sign. One side of the sign is red and the other is blue. I ask you the colour of the sign and you answer “red.”

I furrow my brow and disagree, claiming the sign is blue. From there we’re off to the races with a heated argument more than the colour of the sign! I’m not listening to you, and you are not listening to me. After all, the sign is straight ahead of us and the colour appears right away clear.

Whatever beliefs we pick to empower are only partial truths.

Whatever beliefs we pick to empower are only partial truths. These beliefs come from our previous histories. Whatever you have seasoned of this globe will colour your individual point of view.

And adding this up, considering that we all delight in unique previous histories, we all finish up with unique perspectives. This implies we all live in the identical globe, but see it differently.

Know That We All Understand Just One Piece of the Puzzle

So comprehend that your beliefs are not objective Truth. We are all holding partial truths expanding from our person human encounter. Rich and poor, guys and ladies, Hindu and Muslim – we all comprehend just 1 piece of the puzzle.

The excellent news? We are surrounded by men and women living unique lives, and they know factors we do not. We could collect wisdom by listening to every single other. But also generally we come across ourselves arguing more than the colour of the sign.

Go ahead and empower your individual beliefs if you want. But comprehend your beliefs for what they definitely are:

  • They are causing you to endure
  • They trigger other individuals to endure
  • They are not Truth


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Choose Kindness for Liberation

On the other hand, letting go of our beliefs is liberating. It frees our thoughts from judging ourselves and other men and women. It also removes a barrier that separates us from our True Self, the pure awareness which is our organic supply of wisdom and inner peace.

So the next time your perspectives are producing you angry, just draw yet another deep breath. Then commit oneself to listening to other men and women so you can broaden your understanding of what ever is going on.

Also comprehend that other men and women will make errors, and that is okay! You’re just attempting to steer clear of errors on your finish. If you can listen, and pick kindness more than winning the argument, you will have succeeded!

How to Be Content Tip #2: Let. It. Go.

The Second Realization: “Lessen desire and be without any wishes and the body and mind will be at ease.”

Release Personal Desires

Having individual desires is so ingrained in our way of believed it virtually sounds weird to NOT have them. But if you really reflect on your desires, you could notice a handful of factors:

  1. They bring disappointment – when you uncover this globe owes us no favors
  2. They bring conflict – when you encounter men and women with unique desires
  3. They are the supply of your pressure – (we’ll get to that)


So in other words, our selfish desires lie at the root of our suffering. The antidote to this dilemma is not to release want, but to release your attachment to the outcome of want. In other words, let the implies justify the finish outcome.

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Let Go of Attachments to Outcomes

Go about your business enterprise working to assistance other men and women, but from there, just let it go. Want to see what this appears like? Consider:

  • Imagine offering worth to your projects at work with out worrying about the final outcome. Imagine how this could strengthen your interactions (or rivalries) with your co-workers
  • As a parent, envision assisting your youngsters with their academics with out shaming them for their exam scores. Imagine how this could establish a partnership with your youngsters primarily based on acceptance of who they are
  • Imagine observing men and women in your life producing errors, and loving them for it


You see? Releasing the attachment to your want does not imply you quit assisting other individuals. But you eliminate the pressure of worrying about the final outcome.

Because that is exactly where pressure comes from – you are attempting to manage an uncontrollable globe. If you can detach from this, you cost-free oneself to be a excellent particular person all through your day with out all the pressure.

Life itself becomes 1 major yoga session, with the body moving rhythmically to assistance the men and women you enjoy. Poof! Stress can be carried out away with immediately, merely by adjusting the perspectives of your thoughts.

So, go do what you do, and let the globe make of it what it will.

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How to Be Content Tip #3: Learn to Value Suffering and Death

Wait, what? Yes it is accurate, suffering and death are blessings.

Accept Change

Our selfishness blinds us from realizing this truth. Death is absolutely nothing more than adjust, in a globe of inevitable adjust.

And thank goodness for adjust! We lament adjust when we shed anything we worth, like loved ones or our material possessions. On the other hand, we celebrate when adjust moves us previous illness, heartbreak, or financial difficulty.

This selfishness prevents us from understanding the all round worth of adjust in our lives. But with out adjust, we could not discover and develop – for development itself is adjust.

How can we not conclude that all the things in this human encounter is tilted toward our spiritual development?

Death is the ultimate adjust and it teaches us an crucial lesson – the selfish desires we cling to in our lives have to sooner or later be set aside. But as described above, setting aside these selfish desires is specifically what we need to have to do!

We lament death, but it is truly nudging us in the path of inner peace and enlightenment.

Accept the Teachings of Death

Without death, absolutely everyone would fixate on the situations of their lives, and attach strongly to their selfishness. There could be no other objectives to pursue. Because of death we are not constrained in this way. Rather, we are born cost-free:

  • To know our individual troubles are trivial
  • To yearn for spiritual development
  • To celebrate the time we have with each other
  • To play with home revenue in the game of life


As for suffering, it is just life’s greatest teacher. Whenever we stumble into the tangled jungle of ignorance, suffering will be there to reveal the depths of our selfishness!

Think of it like a parent reprimanding their kid. And just like with youngsters, no one definitely desires that lesson. But rather than lamenting, if we reflect on exactly where our suffering originates, it will point us straight to these components of ourselves exactly where we need to have some self-improvement.

After all, everyone requirements self-improvement, and hence everyone suffers.

We now comprehend that death permits us to live cost-free, and suffering guides us to evolve. And if even suffering and death exist to assistance us, how can we not conclude that all the things in this human encounter is tilted toward our spiritual development?

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The Takeaway on How to Be Content in Life: It May Be Simpler Than You Think

In our rapid-paced contemporary globe, we are at times fast to overlook ourselves and our individual vows. By reflecting on these 3 recommendations, you can hopefully steer clear of some of the triggers out there in the globe which upset you in the initially spot.

You can commence to deal with scenarios on your terms, replacing intolerance with patience and gentleness.

And there you have it – you are now paving your road to contentment in life.

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