21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork

Great suggestions for a children art show that honors children’s creativity, appear fantastic in your dwelling, and are quick to update on a regular basis.

As parents, we are often searching for children art show suggestions, proper?

Their artwork deserves a specific show, but can frequently finish up in a pile regardless of fantastic intentions. We’re speaking for ourselves right here, but we know we’re not the only ones.

Want to transform that stack of original kid creations into a show that honors their artwork and appears fantastic in your dwelling? Oh, and is quick to switch out as your kids produce new art or their art style develops and alterations?

In this post we’ll share lots of strategies to show kids’ artwork. Some are ones we use or have utilized and other people are suggestions we’ve admired.  They all match as several of the above criteria as attainable.

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21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork PInterest — Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips

Especially the bit about getting quick to switch out artwork as your kids continue to produce and to develop.

Kids Art Display Ideas

Kids art in articulate gallery frame
Photo by Andrea Martelle

1. Frames that Display and Store Kids’ Artwork

Use children art frames that combine a experienced-searching frame with quick storage.  Each of these frames doubles as storage for extra pieces of your children’s artwork. We propose The Articulate Gallery and My Little DaVinci frames.

Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

2. Kids Art Poster

Have Itsy Art turn your favourite children art pieces into a poster. We have been all pleased with how the posters turned out and the children loved seeing their artwork displayed this way.

Photo Rachel Withers

3. Wood Bead Clip Garland

Use this wood bead and clip garland from Etsy to hang your kids’ artwork. If you are feeling crafty, you can also DIY this with a wool ball garland + clothespins.

cork board wall _ florence and henri lifestyle
Photo by Florence+Henri Lifestyle

4. Cork Board Wall

If you have got the space, look at turning 1 wall into a cork board like Florence+Henri Lifestyle did, for displaying all of your kids’ art. Or turn a chalkboard wall into a kids’ art gallery as shown on The Artful Kids weblog.

cohesive frames _ marian louise designs
Photo by Marian Louise Designs

5. Matching Frames for a Cohesive Look

Create a cohesive gallery wall by applying inexpensive frames that are all the same color, as shown on Marian Louise Designs. You can conveniently switch out the artwork and alter what is displayed, and matching the frames makes it possible for the art to actually shine. We appreciate IKEA frames for projects like this!

hanging display wire_Marla - Everyday Momlife
Photo by Marla | Everyday MomLife

6. Hanging Display Wire 

Use an IKEA wire curtain rod system to show the art, like Marla on Everyday MomLife.  There are also tons of super cute options on Etsy, like this rainbow clothespin display set!

Kids artwork displayed on shelf
Photo by Rachel Withers

7. Floating Wall Shelves

Use ledges or floating wall shelves for a kids art display area. It’s quick to alter out the artwork and just prop up painted canvases, framed art pieces, and 3-D art. Try layering and moving them about as considerably as you like with no placing unsightly holes in the walls.

magnetic hangers for children's artwork display
Photo by Rachel Withers

8. Magnetic Wooden Hangers

These magnetic wooden hangers are uncomplicated and beautiful. And they let you to alter up your child’s artwork anytime they produce anything new!

magnetic pants hanger for displaying childrens art
Photo by Rachel Withers

9. Display Kids Art on Hangers

Use pants hangers to show kids’ artwork for an quick alternative to rotate. How uncomplicated is that?!

plum print book
Photo by Plum Print

10. Make a Kids Art Book

Melissa from The Artful Parent made a book with her kids’ artwork with Plum Print and now it is a prized possession in their property!

If you live in the UK, Doodle nest is a terrific alternative for developing kids’ art books!

Artkive art book — Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips
Photo by ArtKive

11. ArtKive

Use the ArtKive app to photograph your children’s artwork from your smartphone and tag it with names, dates, and descriptions. You can print a book of chosen artworks with virtually just the push of a button!

Sounds like the busy mom’s remedy to that book we all intend to produce but do not get about to carrying out.

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Photo by Rachel Withers

12. Wooden Clipboard Display

We appreciate this wooden clipboard display as the best way to show the artwork of the moment, and conveniently rotate pieces in and out. Etsy also has this adorable “Look What I Made!” alternative that would be best for a kids’ area!

cork boards _ the organised housewife
Photo by the Organised Housewife

13. Cork Board + Push Pin Clips

You cannot beat the classic corkboard and push pin mixture for hanging kids’ artwork. You can even use these push pins that are also clips! We appreciate this all-white version, as shown by the Organised Housewife.

art display bars _ traci remley
Photo by Traci Remley

14. Art Display Bar

If you have some further curtain rods, produce a series of art display bars, as shown by Traci Remley. This is such a exciting way to reuse components you currently have, and produce the feeling of a gallery for your children’s artwork.

letterpress artwork from minted.com
Photo by minted.com

15. Letterpress Art Print

For a more extended-term remedy for a favourite piece of artwork, you can stop by minted.com and turn your kid’s artwork into a letterpress print.

Kids art display on shelf
Photo by Rachel Withers

16. Kids-Only Art Display Area or Mix Artwork Throughout Home

Have 1 wall that is a focal point for hosting all your kids’ art in 1 spot OR mix their art in with the other artwork you have hanging about the property.

vertical hanging artwork _ Sorted Spaces & Design
Photo by Sorted Spaces & Design

17. Vertical Display with Hanging Wires

If space is restricted, attempt developing a vertical hanging display like this 1 from Sorted Space & Design. Or do as the people at The Artful Kids weblog did and produce a space-saving vertical display with hanging wires.

washi tape art wall _ erin at parent strategist
Photo by Erin Christopoulos

18. Washi Tape Gallery Wall

We do not appreciate placing lots of tack or nail holes in our walls, so this washi tape gallery wall from Erin at the Parent Strategist is the best remedy! No holes in the walls, and you can conveniently alter out the artwork as you want. Plus, we cannot get adequate of the exciting washi tape prints and colors out there!

large kids art canvas hanging on wall
Photo by Rachel Withers

19. Consider the kind of artwork

Sometimes the components we use make a terrific immediate frame themselves. A canvas itself is prepared created to frame––just add art! Or paint on canvas fabric and produce a hanger with beads and wire that just wants a hook. Cardboard is sturdy adequate to set on a shelf as is with no framing.

Sculptures and other 3D artwork are conveniently displayed about the property in small nooks, bookcases, shelves and hutches.

framed artwork by tiny art
Photo by Tiny Art

20. Have the Framing Done for You

If you’d like the hassle of framing artwork off your plate, let a internet site like Framebridge to do it for you! They will frame each original performs and digital copies and have an astounding choice of beautiful frames!

Or attempt a comparable service especially for kids’ art from Tiny Art. All you have to do is take a photo of the original, upload it and opt for your favourite colour for your one of a kind piece of art.

kids art gallery — Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips
Photo by Rachel Withers

21. Local Art Gallery

Do you belong to a children play group, children’s art group, or preschool? Consider having an art show at a nearby coffeeshop, bakery, college or ice cream shop for a period.

When you strategy the owner/manager with your thought, make certain to mention that you can have a low-essential reception for the young artists and their households. This translates to lots of folks purchasing their muffins or ice cream cones! And the kids’ households will most likely continue to stop by all through the month to see their art on show and share it with their pals and neighbors.

Which thought for strategies to show children artwork is your favourite?

Photo by Andrea Martelle

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21 Kids' Art Display Ideas for Your Home

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