17 Ways to Boost Positive Self-Talk When You Feel Down and Full of Self-Judgment

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Our self-speak is so crucial – it is the continual narrator that colors in our day, our mood, our feelings, our outlook.

Self-speak is a driving force in our self-image. How we speak to ourselves becomes the way that we speak about ourselves and eventually becomes the way we see ourselves (and by default, how other folks see us).

Well, damn! Clearly, it is crucial to assess the way we speak to ourselves and the way we view ourselves. When you appear in the mirror, do you really like what you see, or do you choose a thing to judge or tear apart?

Hey – we’re all guilty of judging ourselves. And we’re all permitted to really feel down and have poor days – that is just component of life and to deny the adverse would be to diminish the good.

But good pondering is oh-so-crucial to a wholesome mindstate, and it is also the quantity a single ingredient for empowering (alternatively of defeating) self-speak.

How we speak to ourselves becomes the way that we speak about ourselves and eventually becomes the way we see ourselves (and by default, how other folks see us).

However . . . you are an unbelievable person with special qualities, impressive accomplishments, and so quite a few factors to be grateful for.

How do I know this from the other side of the screen? Because that is correct for everybody. Which is why we need to also be good to and accepting of each and every other. But I’ll save that rant for a different short article. 😉

For now, let’s be good to – and accepting of – ourselves, shall we? It all starts with good pondering and self-speak.

Here’s How to Rewrite the Script With Positive Thinking and Self-Talk So You Can Celebrate [Instead of Judge] Yourself:


1. Put Your Self-Talk in Check

It all begins right here! Notice adverse, judgmental thoughts that arise and obtain good, empowering thoughts to replace them. If you hold up with this very first point, it will not take extended to notice a massive distinction in how you really feel – pinky guarantee.

Positive pondering is the ‘secret sauce’ to this crucial practice.

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2. List This Week’s Accomplishments

Write a list of what you have achieved this week – and get certain! And get as macro or micro as you’d like. Close that massive sales deal? You go girl! [Or guy!] Finally get to the grocery shop? Celebrate that as well.



The finish. But seriously – take 3 deep, complete inhales by means of your nose and 3 audible H-A haaaaa exhales out of your mouth. I dare you not to really feel superior following this! (And if you do not, go for a different round of 3 breaths).

4. Make Plans

My 99-year-old terrific grandmother utilized to say, “Half the fun is looking forward to something.” Schedule a thing enjoyable to appear forward to with a good, uplifting buddy or household member. Bonus points for scheduling a date with your self!

5. Step Away From Social Media

Ugh! Enough mentioned, correct?! While social media has it is pros, we all know the cons – a single of which getting the dreaded comparison game / timesuck that can weigh us down and get rid of us from the present. It can also lend to us feeling down and/or judgmental of ourselves.

If you care to, you can do a tiny social media experiment. Continue your standard social media habits for a day or so and take inventory of your mindset and self-speak following. Then, take the identical quantity of time off of social media and notice the shift in your pondering and self-speak.

Odds are, your self-speak will undergo a huge, good shift. Bonus points for applying the other 16 suggestions from this short article throughout your time away from social media.

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6. Don’t Hold Back

If you have to have to cry, cry! If you have to have to scream, do it! Typically this is frowned upon at function or in public so if you have to have to excuse your self to the bathroom or your vehicle, go for it. Whatever tends to make you really feel protected and comfy sufficient to not hold back.

It’s ok to not usually be ok. And typically, the road to feeling ok once again is by acknowledging and functioning by means of what ever feelings are coming up.

7. Mirror Affirmation

My individual favourite! And a not-so-secret weapon I typically use and propose for other folks, which includes in my individual development workbook Learn Grow Shift!

The physical exercise is very simple: Stand in front of your mirror and repeat a good affirmation (“I am worthy” is a terrific spot to start out if you are feeling a bit down or judgy). Other recommendations: “I love you ______ [your name] and I am so proud of all your accomplishments,” or “I am safe and grounded,” or “I am in the flow and all is well.”

Mirror affirmations can be a substantial tool in your good pondering and empowering self-speak.

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8. Treat Yourself!

What tends to make you really feel superior? Treat your self to that. Whether it is a relaxing bubble bath, a massage, manicure or an oatmilk latte (my most recent obsession) – go do that and take pleasure in every single moment.

You deserve it! (Hint: believing that you deserve it is important. Not surprisingly, this ties into your good pondering and self-speak).

9. Gratitude Journal!

Write down 5 factors (massive or compact) that you are grateful for. Now make this a typical practice for the reason that gratitude has an IMMENSE effect on your extended-term mental wellbeing.

Focusing on gratitude also assists us pivot away from judging ourselves and alternatively encourage celebrating ourselves and all the superior in our lives. Gratitude is Important for good pondering!

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10. Reach Out for Support

I saw a meme the other day that mentioned, “Check on your strong friends. They need it most.” Why? Because they’re the ones that we assume are ok and hence typically fail to verify on.

Don’t be the ‘strong friend’ who’s silently miserable on the inside. If you are feeling down, attain out and ask for assistance, help, or just an individual to listen.


11. Send a Friend a Positive Note

The energy of carrying out a thing good for an individual else assists us really feel superior in turn. It will also make your buddy really feel superior, and may well even initiate an ongoing ‘volley’ of good verify-ins involving you two (see #10).

12. Grab Your Headphones

Blast your favourite song or place a really feel-superior playlist on random shuffle. Music has an unbelievable energy to soothe, inspire, motivate, and amp up!

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Science has proven that the physical act of smiling sends a signal to your brain that you are delighted, so your brain in turn releases endorphins and serotonin (really feel-superior brain chemical compounds that combat anxiety and anxiousness).

Happiness tends to make good pondering and empowering self-speak that substantially a lot easier!

14. Find an Animal!

Whether it is your dog or a random passerby’s on the street, obtain an animal and take pleasure in their calming, grounding power. It’s substantially tougher to not believe good when an animal is nearby!

15. Organize, Purge and Cleanse

You could have heard the belief that our dwelling spaces are a reflection of our minds. If your dwelling (or desk) is feeling dirty, cluttered, or unorganized, now is the time to organize, purge and cleanse! Make a donate pile, make a give to close friends pile and a trash pile and get to it!

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16. Posture Check-In

When I’m stressed out or upset, I notice that my whole body modifications and my posture goes to shit. I hunch and round so far forward you’d believe I was attempting to win very first spot in a turtle impersonation contest. Ugh!

Poor posture closes off our heart center even though superior posture radiates self-confidence and just like smiling (see #13), it sends the signal to your brain that you are confident, empowered and in handle. As a outcome, good pondering comes much more naturally.

Is your posture pretty much as poor as mine? I reviewed a Posture Product that I fell in really like with and you can verify that out right here if you are interested.

17. PAUSE and Get Grounded

So typically, we get so wrapped up in scrolling by means of social media, checking our e-mail, replying to texts and the 999,997 other continual outdoors stimuli all through our day that we turn into distracted but also detached and removed from the present moment.

Just like #3 invites you to BREATHE, this final point is intentionally final for the reason that no matter why you are feeling down or complete of self-judgment, obtaining presence will usually assistance us pause, get grounded, and assess our feelings from a calm and rational spot.

Here, we can either obtain the root trigger of these feelings or just let them go. Being present and grounded is Important for good pondering and empowering self-speak.

Start by actually finding grounded: sitting or standing, plant each of your feet on the ground or floor. Feel all 4 corners of your feet connecting to the earth beneath and really feel it increasing up to help you.

Allow this to remind you that you are usually supported and even when it does not really feel like it, you are in the flow and all is properly.

Positive Thinking and Self-Talk Are Key On Your Road to Replacing Judgment With Empowerment

You ARE in the flow and all is definitely properly. We all have superior days and poor days, superior moods and yuck moods. We also all possess the potential to move by means of the not-so-terrific feelings that inevitably arise from time to time.

The most crucial step is just acknowledging – and believing – that you are capable of shifting the way you really feel and releasing the impulse to judge or criticize your self.

Let that shit go. It’s not serving everyone to tear your self apart. Focus on the superior and you will really feel superior much more regularly. It’s all about good pondering and empowering self-speak.

Cheers to celebrating – not judging – ourselves. You got this!

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