13 Nature Walk Activities for Kids (+ No cost Nature Scavenger Hunt)

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We have six nature stroll activities for little ones to do even though out walking, hiking, or even just exploring the backyard. And 7 more nature tips for little ones to do when they get back household!

Updated May 2021

So, you are heading out on a nature stroll with the little ones and you want some tips for adding a small further enjoyable, interaction, or education to the encounter? 

Here are 6 activities you can do with little ones through the nature stroll. And yet another 7 that you can do with little ones soon after arriving back household.

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6 Nature Walk Activities for Kids (to do through the stroll)

These tips contain strategies to discover about, discover, and engage with the all-natural planet about you, like a scavenger hunt, sound hunt, “I spy” game, and more.

By the way, I’m not suggesting you have to do all of these activities. Pick one particular of the nature walk activities that interests you and the little ones for this stroll and save the other folks for future walks.

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids with free printable — Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips

Click on the image above or hyperlink under to save a copy of our nature scavenger hunt!

1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt (No cost Printable!)

A nature scavenger hunt gets little ones outdoors to discover, have enjoyable, and observe the nature planet.

More nature scavenger hunt tips:

  • Create your personal nature scavenger hunt particularly for your location (desert, tropical beach, prairie) or season (spring, summer time, fall, winter).
  • Do a colour matching scavenger hunt. Bring paint chips and locate nature products to match them.
  • Wing it and say one thing like, “how many kinds of flowers can you find?”
Binoculars magnifying glass with Maine nature guide pamphlet — Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips

2. Take binoculars or a magnifying glass on a stroll

Bring binoculars and a pocket bird guide and see what birds you can locate. Or bring a magnifying glass or loupe and appear at compact factors (insects, seedheads, flowers, and so forth) up close.

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3. Play “I Spy”, describing the nature about you

Kids enjoy games! Add some excitement to your nature stroll by taking turns playing “I spy…”.

“I spy with my little eye, something that is blue”

(or fluffy, green, round, wet, has six legs, rhymes with free of charge, and so forth).

leaf rubbings

4. Bring paper and a peeled crayon to do leaf or bark rubbings

This is a enjoyable art activity to attempt on the go! Kids can generate bark rubbings with paper &amp crayons or oil pastels. Take it a step additional and appear up every tree then label the bark rubbings.

To extend this activity, collect some leaves to take household for leaf rubbings (which are very best completed on a table).

We're going on a sound hunt

5. Go on a sound hunt

Do you have a youngster who loves to make noise? Consider going on a sound hunt! Helping little ones discover how to listen with intent and experiment with their own sound making is definitely engaging for all ages.

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6. Gather nature components

Bring a bag, box, or basket and collect nature treasures such as flowers, leaves, seedpods, feathers, rocks, and more to use in one particular of the following activities. Find products in all the colors of the rainbow if you want to do the “mix and paint a rainbow” activity under.

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7 Activities to do with Kids After a Nature Walk

Nature mandala suncatcher with paper plate 3D nature suncatcher — Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips

1. Make a nature suncatcher

One of our favored suncatchers to generate is the paper plate flower suncatcher applying contact paper, flower petals and leaves.

Take it a step additional and generate a magical 3D nature suncatcher! Cut out windows in a box, cover with speak to paper, then press the flower petals and leaves to the sticky plastic. Kids will enjoy this project!

nature table resized (1)

2. Set up a seasonal nature table

Gather flowers, plant cuttings, sticks, pinecones, feathers, rocks, and the like! Arrange in baskets at a little ones table with magnifying glass and nature guides for additional exploration.

Or combine with play silks, figurines, and toys to generate a seasonal play scene.

Mix & Paint a rainbow from nature.

3. Mix and paint a rainbow

First, mix your personal paint colors to match the nature products that you located. Then paint a image with them. You can combine this activity with observational drawing and paint your versions of the products you located.

Mix and Paint a Rainbow — Activity Craft Holidays, Kids, Tips

You can also use your newly mixed colors to make an actual rainbow! Or to generate any artwork you like, abstract or realistic.

Painted leaf, pinecone adn piece of wood and paper for nature diorama

4. Make a Nature Diorama

Gather nature products such as pinecones, leaves, and seed pods on your nature stroll. Then paint and assemble these components into a compact box in this very simple nature diorama project for little ones.

Child painting clay beads and finished nature mobile

5. Make a nature mobile with located components and DIY beads

Gather all-natural components to use for this attractive nature mobile. Paint some air dry clay beads and string components with each other to generate a nature mobile for little ones.

Observational Drawing for Kids - Drawing Flowers from Life

6. Do some observational drawing with your nature treasures

Kids can draw their nature treasures applying oil pastels &amp chalk pastels, crayons, colored pencils, markers or tempera paint sticks. This is a very simple drawing invitation that builds drawing expertise by way of observing colour, patterns, lines, and more!

You can also generate particular small shadow boxes, combining observational drawing with the true nature products, such as with this Feather Art in a Box.

Painted Clay Leaf Prints

7. Make clay nature prints

Press leaves or flowers into air dry clay to make nature prints. Poke holes in the clay and let dry. The hang as ornaments or pendants! Or glue magnets onto the backs for use on the fridge.

How about you? Do you have any more nature stroll activities for little ones to add to this list?

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13 Nature Walk Activities for Kids (+ FREE Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable!)

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