11 Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Wellness Enthusiast on Your List

11 Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Wellness Enthusiast on Your List

Wellness gifts are a two-for-one: you’re giving someone a gift and supporting their wellness! Whether you’re looking for wellness gift ideas, or want to treat yourself to much deserved self-care, this article is packed with wellness gift inspo.

If there’s one thing we all learned this year, it’s the absolute necessity for self-care. If we don’t take care of ourselves, yet keep giving to and nurturing others, we inevitably experience burnout. And with burnout comes brain fog, listlessness, irritability, and even depression.

In short, to be our best selves, we must put ourselves first. And that is in no way selfish. It sets us up for success, to thrive, and to be the best mother, sister, daughter, and friend we can be.

So whether you need more self-care or know someone else who needs more self-care, this wellness gift guide is for you!

All the items on this list focus on some form of self-care or wellness. They make great gifts for your loved ones, and for y.o.u.

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11 Wellness Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List:

Read on for a quick reference list of wellness-based gifts that will delight your loved ones! From soaking salts for the tired mom, to a chef’s dream pot, to a top motivational book, you’ll be everyone’s favorite gift giver of the season.

1. Lunya Silk Collection

Nothing screams, “I’m worthy!” like silk jammies. Spoil someone special with the ultimate wellness gift. Lunya’s collection is super sexy, made with 100% washable mulberry silk, and is thermoregulating to help maintain the perfect body temp throughout the day and night. We especially love the washable silk slip dress!

<strong?Who would love it? For the lover of luxury

Shop this silk collection here.

2. Vena CBD Soaking Salts

Vena CBDI don’t know about you, but bathing has become essential to my self-care routine. And these spa-grade chamomile and lavender-scented soaking salts take bathing to the next level. Bathing salts are known to help with sore muscles and skin problems. Pair that with CBD, and you’ve got a recipe for relaxation. So whether you’re a gym rat, overachieving yogi, or a nurturing mama, these body-calming salts are for you.

Who would love it? The momma or the athlete

Shop this gift here.

3. Bon Charge Red Light Device

bon chargeThe Mini is a powerful and portable red light therapy device that may help improve skin appearance, help with sleep, and mild arthritis, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, speed up muscle recovery, and help with mild acne. Red light therapy can be an excellent addition to your wellness routine, making it a great wellness gift idea for yourself or someone special!

Who would love it? The biohacker

Shop this gift here.

4. YouAligned Classes

youaligned gift 1

This is for anyone looking to incorporate more movement and wellness into their life. Kickstart the new year with over 300+ classes of on-demand yoga, fitness, meditation, Pilates, barre, and wellness-focused classes. You can gift a membership to anyone on your list for 3, 6, or 12-months – or treat yourself to the gift of wellness!

All memberships are currently 50% off! Members can download classes to play offline (perfect for travel) and every class completed helps plant a food-producing tree. With such affordable prices, this wellness gift idea is a great gift to give yourself and someone you love (bonus: you can help keep each other accountable!).

Who would love it? The yogi, fitness enthusiast, or wellness advocate

Shop this gift here.

5. Anima Mundi Herbals Mucuna Powder

anima mundiThere’s a good reason Mucuna is known as “The Dopamine Bean.” It’s a plant medicine that is said to boost dopamine and serotonin (our natural mood boosters associated with joy and bliss). It is one of the only naturally occurring (and most concentrated) sources of L-Dopa.

This adaptogenic legume has been used centuries as a superfood for nutrient density, energy, and mood boost. Indigenous peoples used to prescribe it to support with overcoming depression.

Who would love it? Anyone needing a mood booster

Shop this gift here.

6. A Year of Self-Motivation for Women: Daily Inspiration, Courage, and Confidence (A Year of Daily Reflections) by Ashton August

a year of self motivation for womenGive the women you love a beautiful book filled with inspiration and motivation to accompany them throughout the year, year after year! A top choice in motivational books for women, this daily companion is filled with short guided practices, empowering affirmations, and uplifting themes to help the reader cultivate a positive mindset. The 5-star reviews speak for themselves for this mindset wellness gift idea!

Who would love it? Mom, sister, daughter, wife, auntie

Shop this gift here.

7. Medterra Seasonal Sampler

medterraWho isn’t stressed these days? Stress is all around us, from our work life to relationships to parenting. Life can be stressful, but CBD and other plant allies can take the edge off and help us cope better. Stress is one of the leading causes of disease, and the more we learn to manage stress, the better off we all are.

These giftable yummy gummies come in three varieties that support keeping calm, focusing, and with sleep. They feature ingredients such as CBD isolate, l-theanine for deep relaxation, gentle herbs like chamomile, passionflower, and lemon balm, and adaptogens such as Ashwagandha.

Who would love it? Anyone who has stress or is interested in natural remedies

Shop this gift here.

8. Sun Home Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket

sunhome sauna featured

Bring the spa to you with this infrared sauna blanket that elevates the body’s thermal energy, enhances deep relaxation, promotes glowing skin, and improves circulation. With the way the environment is these days, we all could use a detox, and with grounding layers of crystal, charcoal, and clay, this blanket promotes a deep state of rest.

This may just be the most unique wellness gift idea on the list!

Who would love it? The wellness enthusiast or the person who’s always cold

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Shop this gift here.

9. Merrell Women’s Bravada 2 Shoes

merrelThere’s nothing like the great outdoors for overall mood and physical well-being. These Merrell hiking boots are winter-capable and trail-ready! They fit like a sneaker and hug the ankle with added insulation to keep warm throughout winter. They’re also made with recycled materials for an eco-friendly win.

Who would love it? The nature lover or cold weather dweller

Shop this gift here.

10. Loftie Lamp

lampHave trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Well this may be a solution for you! This hi-tech lamp helps to get your circadian rhythm in check by waking up gradually to soft, gentle light and winding down with red light, which signals to your body that it’s time to sleep. You can also select colors depending on your mood.

This gorgeous bedside lamp not only helps you sleep better, but makes waking up on time a breeze. Pro tip: pair this lamp with the silk pj’s (#1 on the list) for the ultimate sleep wellness gift combo!

Who would love it? The night owl

Shop this gift here.

11. Perfect Pot

perfect potA plethora of pots and pans taking up all of your cabinet space? Meet the pot that will change your kitchen game.The Perfect Pot does everything from boiling to baking and crisping to steaming. According to Our Place’s website, the Perfect Pot replaces your stockpot, dutch oven, saucepot, roasting rack, steamer, strainer, braiser, and spoon rest. It’s also very easy on the eyes.

Who would love it? The chef

Shop this gift here.

Which Wellness Gift Is Your Favorite?

This wellness gift guide offers a variety of wellness-based ideas for everyone on your list. As you can see, these products and services are focused on your overall well-being; mind, body, and spirit.

And while you’re spending time finding special gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget about yourself! Give yourself a little something this year to support your wellness. You are more than worth it!

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