10 Great Fall Plants To Spice Up Your Garden

10 Great Fall Plants To Spice Up Your Garden » Read Now!

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The abundant sunlight of summer in our gardens is almost behind us. Before you fret, don’t forget about all the fall plants you can start growing! Summer gardens are definitely more well known but fall plants can handle the cold and can still give you that garden to table freshness.

Fall plants often are forgotten about after the hype of summer garden tending. Don’t be sucked into the misconception that once summer is over you’ve missed your chance to grow your own food. Gardening in the colder months is absolutely possible and easier than you may think!

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As far as fall plants go, beans are some of the most low maintenance. They grow very quickly and produce ample amounts for you to harvest. Remember to add a trellis if you’re growing pole beans such as green beans, kidney beans, and the like. If you’re growing a bush variety bean like snap beans or stringless beans, you can forgo the trellis altogether.


I know we all love fresh, summer salads but did you know that lettuce actually loves cooler weather? You can plant these in late summer or even early fall. These fall plants grow easily from seeds but you can also use transplants if you don’t want to wait to have those autumn salads on your table.

Brussels Sprouts:

Another cold weather loving fall plant are Brussels Sprouts. By starting them in the fall they can actually be grown all throughout the winter and into early spring. They’re even hearty enough to withstand frost! Toss those freshly harvested in some olive oil and salt, bake in the oven and you’ll have the wonderful taste of autumn on your dinner table.


Who knew there were so many plants that actually prefer colder temperatures? Peas thrive in cooler temperature and are such a great vegetable to have on hand for all those autumn stews and soups! Fresh peas in a soup are game changers folks!


Kale is a superfood in more ways than one. Not only is it one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, but it is also a beast when it comes to withstanding any and all weather conditions. Give it rain, hot sun, or even frost and it will still be growing strong. Kale is basically the Hulk of vegetables and fall plants.
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When you think about fall plants you are probably thinking of food, right? Don’t stop there! Fall floral plants are just as fun to grow as food! Bonus, if you grab the perennials you’ll not only be able to enjoy their beauty this season. They’ll spring up every year following! Try planting just a few of our favorite, most versatile flowers for fall weather to add a little color to the season!



There are so many varieties available when it comes to Snapdragon flowers. They grow in almost every color imaginable (except blue, sorry folks!). This makes them the best florals to brighten up your flower beds in whatever color you choose! They can grow fairly tall as well. Some have even boasted 3 feet of stalk! For the taller species, you may have to add some supports to aid their growth. Mixing tall fall plants like snapdragons with lower-growing flowers will add visual appeal in addition to a wonderfully fragrant scent. These fall plants are as tough as nails! Withstanding frost and extremely low temperatures, you won’t have to worry about covering them when or if it snows. Be sure to place your bulbs where it will get lots of light and has lots of drainage. This one won’t disappoint!


Even the name alone is charming! Violas are part of the pansy family but are smaller and daintier. Don’t be fool by it’s size though! These fall plants hold up better to rain and other weather than their pansy cousins. (No pun intended.) They also come in a wider range of colors than pansies which makes them extremely versatile.

Sweet Alyssum:

Want to give your garden a magical feel? Cover the ground with sweet alyssum to create a carpet of color in the fall. The visual is nothing short of a fairy tale and can bloom all throughout the fall and winter. Not only does it add a whimsical touch to your yard but the fragrance it emits is absolutely wonderful.


It’s true that sunflowers peak during mid-summer but most sunflowers can still keep on trucking even as the weather cools. These fall plants can bloom all the way into the end months of fall and add a bright pop of color to your day. Make sure to harvest the seeds when they start to turn brown and keep an eye out for hungry birds! They love the seeds too!


Verbena might be small but they are strong. They will flower and bloom abundantly all the way until the first frost. Add them to hanging baskets or borders for a beautiful, brightening addition to your autumn garden.

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Perennial Sage:

If you’re new at the whole fall plants thing try out perennial sage! They are very low maintenance, can handle multiple weather conditions, and bonus, they’ll come back up every year after planting! Aroma wise this fall plant is a 10 and can even be added as a garnish for your favorite autumn beverages.

Summer may be on it’s way out but fall plants are invaluable. Let these autumn colors and tastes carry you through the fall months and even into winter! Whether it’s a homegrown fall salad, a fresh, hearty stew, you’ll be able to enjoy the tastes of the season for months on end.

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